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Zesty Pasta Salad

A Crowd pleasing Zesty Pasta Salad

It’s FriYay! Before your get your weekend started I have the perfect recipe that you can make for the kids this weekend. It only takes just over 30 minutes to make and it won’t cut into family time. In fact, it tastes so good it will be the talk at the table.

Today’s post I am sharing with you my favourite Pasta salad to make all through the year. I made this salad during Thanksgiving and my guests really enjoyed it. In the summer especially it compliments a nice glass of white wine and a BBQ’d meat of choice. If you are a Mom like me, you as well look for ways to make food look exciting for small kids, especially when Vegetables are involved. Choosing the right colours and textures when feeding my kids plays a big role on if they will eat it or not. In this case they did and they asked for a second and third serving.

As for the vegetables that I used in my recipe. You are pretty much open to what you can use. You can substitute the peppers for asparagus and  you can also add a meat if you’d like. Of course I left the details so you can create this at home. Now because I love my readers so much and I enjoy sharing recipes, you now have the option to print them out and save them.

Have a great weekend!



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