Vichy Spa Shower Gel Oil and Gel Cream

Vichy Spa Shower Gel Oil and Gel Cream

Vichy Spa Shower Gel Oil and Gel Cream

If you know me then you know how highly I speak of Vichy Products, even working in the beauty industry its the first line of skincare I introduce my Clients to. I guess you can say I am a little obsessed. But I have every reason to be, their products are amazing and I’ve seen great results for my skin with the skincare that I regularly use. So as you can imagine I was super excited when Vichy launched their  Spa Shower Gel Oil and Gel Cream and I was even happier when it arrived on my doorstep. The Vichy Spa Shower Gel Oil and Gel Cream provides an at home Spa experience enriched with Vichy’s cult fave the Thermal Spa Water , 15 mineral active ingredients and naturals oils you shower experience has just been upgraded to amazing.

I normally take about 8-10 minutes in the shower however when I started using both the Spa Shower Gel Oil and Gel Cream I really couldn’t get enough of shower time. Since there is no soap in them my skin felt noticeably softer after my first use. So here is a little more on my experience and fun facts on these two.

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The spa shower gel is a soap free gel oil targeted for those that suffer from Very Dry, Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination, Sensitive I bet you didn’t think the main body could get so complicated. The formula is made up of Magnesium, Zinc and Copper plus 10 oils and Thermal Water that provide the skin with hydration and luminosity. This was my favourite of the two. After my shower my skin looked amazing, it was soft and radiant especially now that I have been in the Sun and my skin is darker the Shower gel oil really accentuated that. Now that I have added this to my current body care routine I have no need for using soap on my skin. The Gel oil lathered really nicely and the scent was very clean smelling and not overly scented.

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Also soap free the gel cream is more for hydrating the skin so its more suited for Very Dry, Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination, Sensitive as well.  The formula is made up of Shea Butter, White Clay, Thermal Water and 10 Fundamental oils to hydrate, nourish and provide the ultimate comfort of soft buttery skin.When I used the gel cream it was incredibly creamy almost like using a conditioner on my skin. I didn’t even have to follow up with lotion after I was through with drying off my skin. The scent is very soft not over powering and I felt really clean yet hydrated. Because it is a cream I did notice that the lathering was much less than the gel oil consistency but still cleansed my skin just as well.

Spa Shower gel cream

Overall I am impressed with the Shower gel oil and gel cream, they are now a part of my showering routine because of how incredibly soft, hydrated and radiant my skin now feels. It really almost as good as indulging in a real spa experience the only difference is I can do it everyday. To see more from Vichy check them out online here or visit your local Shoppers Drug Mart.

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