Top Spring 2016 Nail Polish Shades From Essie

Top Spring 2016 Nail Polish Shades From Essie

Top Spring 2016 Nail Polish Shades From Essie


Its Friday and I am glad that I am able to share this post with you today. We have been wondering when Spring would peak its head out again, since this weekend will finally feel like Spring weather I will be sharing the Top Spring 2016 Nail Polish Shades From Essie. I love nail polish I collect just about any colour, texture, and finish you can think of.  I am totally obsessed with shades that are bright or pastel, and I think every woman should own a great selection of nail polish too not quite as large as my 687 + bottles that I own but maybe close.

The Top Spring 2016 Nail Polish Shades From Essie are shades that are popular on the run ways of various fashion shows and I knew that I needed them to add to my Spring attire this season. Since there are so many beautiful colours in the Essie line I chose colours that would be suitable for all skin tones, as well as ones that were both light and dark in shades. The five shades that I will be showing you today are Lounge Lover which is a gorgeous peachy pink shade, Sunshine state of mind which is a incredible bright Coral shade, Shade on which is the perfect violet shade, Going Guru my favourite shade of minted lime and Nama-Stay the night which is the prettiest shade of Goa Blue you will over lay your eyes on.

All of the shades I’ve worn have all lasted well over 5 days of wear. I applied 2 coats of each for complete opacity along with my base and top coats. The dry time was pretty quick as well when I used a regular top coat I waited about 10 minutes before I did anything with my hands. Of all 5 shades I received Nama- stay the night and Sunshine state of mind are my absolute favourites. Have you picked up any Spring inspired Nail polish shades up? what colours did you get or do you love? Let me know in the comments below.

Essie going guru

Essie Lounge Lover

Essie nama-stay the night

Essie Shade On

Essie Sunshine State of Mind

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