Sweet Potato Maple Bacon Soup

Sweet Potato Maple Bacon Soup


I love Sweet Potato and I especially love Bacon… Turkey bacon to clarify with Maple Syrup drizzled on it. So I thought to myself since it was a chilly day yesterday I would make some homemade Sweet Potato Maple Bacon Soup, it was so delicious. What I was completely shocked about was the fact that the kids enjoyed it so much that they asked for a second helping. Lately in the kitchen I have been trying to find creative dishes that don’t require Meat as the main part of the dish, but are still filling enough that everyone is left satisfied. Once upon a time I was not a soup lover, I really only ate soup if it was a part of a meal at a restaurant which isn’t very often. However now its a meal that I look forward to eating and making because the flavours you can add are endless.

To make my Sweet Potato Maple Bacon Soup my goal was to try and use fresh ingredients, for me soup tastes it best that way, I also didn’t have to shop for many items because alot of what my recipe calls for I had on hand. If you do make this recipe I would love to hear how much you enjoyed it. Now for the recipe!




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