Sun Care 101 with Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen

Sun Care 101 with Coppertone Clearly Sheer SunscreenSun Care 101 with Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen

Did you know that almost half of Canadians are still not wearing sunscreen and more than 90 per cent aren’t wearing it enough. Save your skin this summer! Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreens deliver trusted broad spectrum protection. In delightfully light, refreshing formulas that barely leave a trace on the skin. They absorb quickly, feel clean and light on the skin, and won’t clog pores or cause breakouts.

I am one of those that fall in to the 90 percent that don’t wear Sunscreen. That’s because I am allergic to them and have been for years. When I had the opportunity to try the Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen I decided to give it a try. Making sure my skin is protected is number one for me. However being that I have an allergy sometimes protection means staying away from the SUN. With little children that love the outdoors that is not always possible. So since I want to preserve my skin without avoiding the Sun, Sun Care 101 with Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen is a great first step.

Sun Care 101 with Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen

Its pretty shocking to see that there are so many Canadians that are still not protecting themselves from the Sun. Knowing the dangers of Skin Cancer. Since I have started using the Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen I have not experienced any skin irritation. The formula is really light and absorbed in to my skin not leaving a trace behind. Its so light I almost forgot that I had anything on. For application I applied a shot glass amount which is around 1oz  and re-applied every two hours while I was in the Sun.

Fun Facts about Sun Care Protection

I wanted to share some fun facts with you in case you didn’t know. There are different forms of sun protection such as sprays, oils and creams find your fit. Whether you are commuting to work in the car or going for a hike. Sun protection is still just as important as the other. Don’t forget the ears need love to! make sure to apply Sunscreen to them too.

Sun Care 101.1

Happy Summer! Enjoy it, live it, and don’t forget about Sun care!

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xoxo Janella

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