Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor


Revlon ultra HD matte lipcolor

Revlon has just recently launched their line of matte lip colors, which comes in 6 shades. They are much like the liquid lipsticks that are floating the in the beauty world such as Stila, KTD and Colorpop cosmetics.  Over the last little while I have been wearing them to see how they perform with everyday wear for long hours. The two shades that I have are #615 Temptation which is a Pinky Mauve shade and #610 Addiction which is a Berry shade.

The packaging is pretty its a frosted white flat oval shape tube which is different from most packaging. The applicator, a tapered shape is easy to use and the scent of the actual product is very fruity. I did find that after awhile the scent does fade away so you don’t even realize its there. As for the actual performance of the lip color, it wasn’t much of a matte finish at all. Its more a semi matte and about 4-5 hours in is when it dried down some what, but not to a complete matte finish. During the wear time I did experience some bleeding even with my lips completely filled in with a liner. So I think a no bleed lip liner would need to be used in order to wear the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip colors, if you also experience bleeding. You can also apply to the lips and blot with a tissue in order to make the lip colour more of a matte finish as well.

revlon ultra hd matte lipcolor wand

The pigmentation is beautiful, its rich in colour and there is no streakiness when I applied it to my lips. It retails right now for about $10-$12 depending on where you buy it. What I love most about it, is that my lips didn’t feel dry in anyway. The Revlon ultra HD matte lipcolor wears very comfortably and doesn’t get clumpy or collect in the corners of my mouth at all. Which is something that I look for when I get Liquid Lipsticks.

Overall If you love Liquid Lipsticks as much as I do, I will be honest they will not be what you are expecting at all. However if you are looking for a lip colour to wearwith they are a must have. Especially because for a drugstore product you are getting high end quality. Check out some other shades Here!

Temptation / Addiction

Temptation / Addiction

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