Review: Purgo Tea 14 Day Detox

Purgo Tea 14 Day Detox

Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a special review. With many holiday feasts behind and ahead of me I have many extra pounds that I need to shed and alot of bloating that I could do without. A few months ago, summertime to be exact I was contacted by a Canadian brand based out of Vancouver BC that specializes in cleansing/detoxing teas. Now Purgo Tea is not like most detoxes where you omit certain foods and replace with another instead the Teatox system is designed to boost the natural responses that our bodies have to cleanse and you are still able to maintain a healthy diet without feeling starved.

The Purgo Tea detoxing line helps aid in eliminating bloating, increasing energy, boosting your metabolism and detoxing the body, We all know after a holiday feasts with all the food and drink consumption regrettably we don’t feel the greatest after. In fact that is one of the reasons that I waited as long as I did to share with you my review. Especially after Thanksgiving! I know I had one too many slices of my homemade Apple Pie. I was able to stretch the product sample that I received in order to really put it into effect after a Family dinner.

A little background on my eating habits. I have a gluten allergy that is increasingly getting worse when ingested I have body aches, migraines, extreme fatigue and bloating to the point where I look about 8 months pregnant.  I also suffer from IBS and acid reflux. So in a nut shell my digestive system sucks!  I’m always scoping out my surroundings to make sure there is a bathroom close by or I just refrain from eating while I am out.

Now after the first day of using the Morning Detox for both morning and afternoon, I noticed a significant difference in my energy level and bloating, I peed like every 15-20 minutes, my IBS symptoms had lessened. I especially found that when I woke up after a long night and I was tired, I was able to make a cup of the morning magic, I call it and I was bright eyed and bushy tailed for my day.

The Evening Cleanse was very intriguing, because I suffer from chronic Diarrhea most of the time with the tummy tornadoes as an alert to find a toilet I didn’t experience any of that while doing the evening cleanse every other day. I was more consistent, my number #2’s didn’t have an odor and by the 3rd day my bloating which normally takes about 6-7 days to sort of go down was completely down.

Since I don’t have or want a scale I couldn’t weigh myself to see if I had shed any pounds I did however notice that my close were much looser, I wasn’t uncomfortable after eating either. Once the 10th day arrived I was able to take some measurements and noticed that I had lost 3.5 inches in my mid section because the bloating had completely gone away.

What I love about the Purgo Teatox system is that its made to detoxify my body without the pain that normally comes along with typical detoxes. The Morning and Evening Cleanse are great tasting and all natural and you can actually see bits and pieces of the tea and make out what exactly you are drinking. It brewed very well and I was able to use the tea well over 2-3 times and each time it didn’t weaken the steeping at all.

You can either choose a 14 Day detox for a quick cleanse or a 28 day/4 week Teatox for a more thorough body cleanse to rebalance themselves. The best way to get good results while on this system is to follow a 4- step plan:

1. Drink morning detox tea
2. Eat nutritious food
3. Be active (at least 30 mins of excercise)
4. Drink evening cleanse (every other day)

For more information and how to order Purgo Tea Teatox check out their website here

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