Punch Ah Creme: Trini Style Eggnog

Trinidad’s Traditional “Trini” Style Eggnog

Eggnog is a classic drink we often share between loved ones during the Christmas Holidays, in the Caribbean more specifically in Trinidad their classic Eggnog is called Punch De Creme or “Punch Ah Creme” as its often referred to which is a beloved Christmas traditional beverage. The only difference between Western Eggnog and Trini Eggnog is the creaminess of the drink, the addition of a good rum, and slight citrus flavors within the recipe. This trademark drink is a staple in my home during the holidays at gatherings with friends and family, as my husband is a proud Trinidadian and this brings back many memories of his beautiful culture. For any Trini out there, Punch ah Creme is usually the first lick of alcohol you got to taste as a kid growing up. Punch Ah Creme is so popular amongst Trinidadians that an Iconic singer in the Caribbean sings of his love for the drink.  Today I will be sharing the recipe for this delicious drink just in time to be added to your Christmas menu.


Punch Ah Creme: Trinidad Style Eggnog

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Punch Ah Creme: Trinidad Style Eggnog


1 Dozen Large Eggs
6 Cans of Evaporated Milk
2 Cans of Condensed Milk
Peel of one lime or 1 tsp of lime juice
1 Flask of Angustura 1919 Rum
2 tsp of Nutmeg
1 tsp of Cinnamon (optional)
1 tsp of Vanilla Essence (optional)
1 tsp of ground Clove(optional)


In a stand alone minxer:
Crack all eggs
Add lime peel and beat until fluffy
Add both cans of condensed milk and continue mixing on medium speed until milk is dissolved
Add each can of Evaporated milk while still mixing on medium speed
if you choose to cook the eggs slightly at this point remove the mixture from the mixing bowl and pour into a pot on medium heat and continuously stir until it becomes slightly thicker in consistency
Add dry spices (optional for the ones noted) while still mixing on medium speed
Add Rum and Bitters( for cooked option wait for mixture to cool down before adding)
Pour into thoroughly cleaned glass bottles( I used wine bottles that I save during the year)


Since this traditional drink usually calls for a heavy amount of Rum, for those that do not consume alcohol. Feel Free to omit adding it. As well for those that prefer not to use Eggs raw you can also gently cook them till the reach a thicker consistency like a custard or runny porridge

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