Prana Organic Coconut Chips

Prana Organic Coconut Chips

Prana Coconut Chips Prove to be the latest Dance craze!

Now that we have Christmas finished with, I am certain many of us are jotting down our new year resolutions. Number one on that list will probably be to lose the extra 5lbs of Holiday Turkey that we consumed, or that extra piece of pie we more than likely should have skipped. Or even at work, that handful of chips which you had originally promised only to eat one of. Today’s post I wanted to share with you a great snack alternative to enjoy without compromising taste. Prana Organic Coconut Chips which are dry roasted, offer a unique and exotic taste to the palate. They are 100% gluten free with no cholesterol and offer an excellent source of fibre.

They are quality Coconut slices that are true to the Coconut taste and are seasoned with tasty ingredients found around the world. The Prana Organic Coconut Chips are very nutritious and are a great alternative for chip lovers like myself. These chips are also a great way to enjoy Coconuts in a way we don’t usually consume them. Prana Organic Coconut Chips are available in 4 flavours name after popular dance moves from around the world such as Jive seasoned with Chili and exotic spices, Hula with sea salt and cracked pepper, Charleston (my favourite dance as a child) with a rich and unique BBQ mix and lastly Classic which is the authentic wholesome Coconut slice.

I really loved how tasty these were,  being chips obsessed I was really scared that I would be disappointed in the taste. Coconut is a very distinct taste and getting the authentic flavour of it is sometimes hard to do.  Jive and Charleston were my favourites to munch on, they literally tasted like chips. I was able to use the classic flavour as a garnish on salad and Hula as a crust for baking my chicken breasts which can I say is a must try! These chips are a great addition for a more healthy option to snacking. Prana Organic Coconut Chips are available in 100g bags at $3.99 and can be found at all major grocery stores and health food stores across Canada.

For more information on Prana Organic Coconut Chips as well as other products please visit their website 



Prana Jive

Jive seasoned with Chili and exotic spices

Prana Hula

Hula seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper

Prana Charleston

Charleston seasoned with rich and unique BBQ mix

Prana Classic

Classic authentic wholesome Coconut slices


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