No luggage for travel Save with Groupon and travel in style

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No luggage for travel Save with Groupon and travel in style

No luggage for Travel Save with Groupon and travel in style

At the end of August my family and I have plans to do a little bit of travelling around the city. The only issue is we don’t actually have Luggage that we own. Normally we borrow from family because the cost of Luggage can be outrageous. Especially if you don’t travel often which we don’t. There are many places you can shop for Luggage for a great price. Being that I hate to go shopping in stores. Online is my place to shopping done,without feeling overwhelmed with the crowd.

It’s also more of a bonus to shop online because you end up getting special deals that are not normally available in stores. Groupon is one of those places you can consider as a one stop shop. You can find just about anything there. Luggage happens to be one of those items you can find a wide array of styles, sizes and great deal prices. Since there are 5 of us in my family we will be needing a minimum of 3 pieces. The plan is the 2 younger ones can share since their clothes are the smallest in size. My oldest can have her own and hubby and I will share.

Currently Groupon has an amazing deal for 73% off Champs Hardcase Spinner 3 piece Luggage set. The full price was $709.97  and is now $189.99, Which means I can save just about $520 which is a huge savings for me! Within this set you get a carry on, which the kids will use. A 25″ upright which my oldest will have and a 29″ upright for my husband and I. Being able to find quality items or products online in a pinch is a savior. Especially when time doesn’t always work in your favour to get out and go shopping.

Where are some of the places you like to shop? Are you a Groupon Fan? Let me know in the comments below.

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