Motivation Mondays

Motivation Monday

After a weekend that seems to slip away so fast, and the hustle and bustle of life. Once Monday morning comes we tend to drag our feet, reminisce on Flash back Friday and  are sometimes too tired to care that we were 30 minutes late for work. Lets be honest Mondays are just not made for anyone. Mondays I want to motivate all of my readers both new and old that although its Monday there is so much to be grateful for. We have life goals and accomplishments that we want to reach, some may feel that they are un-attainable.

Motivation Mondays are something that I personally look forward to, because my day always starts off very slow. From the kids not wanting to wake up, them fighting over a seat at the table or even what to eat. With that being said I look for words of encouragement to reflect on throughout my day. It helps my day run smoother and I feel alot more at peace.

Today`s Motivation Monday is all about deciding what you want out of life and claiming it. We all have to be determined to be the best we can be, we have the authority and power to do whatever we want in life for happiness and success.

What is your destiny, what do you want out of life?

Let me know in the comments below

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