MAC Cosmetics Future MAC Collection

MAC Cosmetics Future MAC Collection

MAC Cosmetics Future MAC Collection

Guess what! Its Monday. Some of you are not happy I, however am. Reason being my household routine starts over and I can get back to blog work. Today’s post I am sharing with you MAC Cosmetics Future MAC Collection which launched recently, plus a makeup look that I did using the products featured in this post. I must say its been awhile since I’ve shown a makeup look on this particular blog and I may just get back into doing so. Mainly because I know I have quite a few readers who love makeup but don’t wear alot of know what looks good and what may not be so flattering.

Anyway enough about that, the MAC Cosmetics Future MAC Collection launched online at the of March and became available in store on April 7 through to May 19th. The collection was inspired by hyper luminous skin of the future, so within this collection you could find warm and cool nude shades that gave the skin such a gorgeous luminosity. I was sent a few items to review and wanted to share my thoughts with you on what I liked or may have disliked about it.  The product that I love the most is the Lustre drops in Pink Rebel, it can be worn alone or mixed with your foundation for a luminous glow. Pink Rebel is a soft pink champagne shade that is beautiful on darker skin tones so for my women of colour this one is perfect that JLO summer glow.

MAC Cosmetics Future MAC Collection Lustre drops Pink Rebel

I prefer to wear this mixed into my foundation there is just something amazing about the lustre drops that I can’t expalin. I love the way my skin looks and the way the light reflects on my face. Its simply beautiful. I really loved the mineralized eye shadow x4, with any type of mineralized powders I always use them with a damp brush for more intensity because of the way mineralized powders are made, you don’t always get the colour pay off you want. Its not that its poor quality its more so that it works better when tweeked with moisture. I love the colour choices in the quad Full orbit, the shades were more on the mossy type colours and perfect for creating smokey eyes and wearable daytime looks.

Mac future collection minralized eyeshadow x4 full orbit

The lip products in this collection I wasn’t a fan of. I expected more colour payoff, more longevity for wear time as well as a wider selection overall in terms of what was offered in the MAC Cosmetics Future MAC Collection. While the colours of the mineralized glass in the zone and the mineralized rich lipstick in touch the earth were beautiful shades of nude I wish that they wore alot better than they did. I didn’t find that they lasted on my lips for more than an hour and even while applying I had to apply it quite a few times before I got enough colour on my lips.

Mac future collection mineralize glass the zone

Mac future collection minralized rich lipsticl Touch the earth

Now for the best part, I was able to really play around with the MAC Cosmetics Future MAC Collection and I came up with a simple look that I wore to an event a few weeks ago. Everything looked really good worn together and I received alot of comments too. What were your thoughts on this collection? Have you picked anything up or did you pass on it? Let me know in the comments below.

MAC Cosmetics Future MAC Collection LOTD

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