M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection

M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection

M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe

Available online May 12, 2016

Available Online May 16th 2016

Available in store May 19, 2016 through June 30, 2016

M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection

Lose control in lips painted reckless shades of red and coral, or a flash of gold. Let your eyes escape reality in teal, cobalt mandarin and charcoal, as free-spirited nails glisten in succulent tangerine and the perfect, buttery nude with M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe. Join the tribe. Feel the vibe.

Today  is the online launch day of the M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection Correction the launch date has been pushed back to May 16th  Since the collection is so amazing and I myself could never decide what to get when a collection launches I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to share two options of items that I was sent for review. The powder blush in Coral  and Eye shadow quad in Wild Horses were the two things that I was unsure about mainly because I didn’t know if the colour of the blush was similar to ones that I had already owned or the fact that a couple shades from the eye shadow quads are a part of the permanent line. The packaging is what first captured my attention it reminded me of a Native summer festival with hand made geometric type designs and shapes. The Packaging is simply amazing with a Nude Satin Matte finish with the same Geometric design on it.

M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection

M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection Brule, Charcoal Brown, Wild Horses, Blue Mesa

M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection Wild Horses Quad CAN $43.50

M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection swatches Brule, Charcoal Brown, Wild Horses, Blue Mesa

 The Wild Horses eye shadow quad has 4 shades in it 2 of them are a part of the permanent line and are all a Satin/Matte Finish

Brule– Which is a part of the permanent line is a cream shades that is perfect for brightening up the inner eye or can also be used as a brow highlight

Charcoal Brown– which is a grey toned brown is perfect for those who are fair skinned and are looking for a crease colour. Medium skin tones can also use this as a crease colour as well

Wild Horses– A beautiful Dark Brown with a satin finish shade that can be used to achieve a brown smokey eye.

Blue Mesa– WOW! A dark turquoise  shade with a subtle reflective shimmer to it. I love this shade especially since its paired with the neutral shades withing the quad.

M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection blush Painted Canyon

M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection blush Painted Canyon CAN $27.50

M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection Painted Canyon swatch

 The Blush in the M∙A∙C Vibe Tribe Collection is the most beautiful satin Coral shade ever, it has a slight shimmer that is not overpowering and blends well into the skin leaving a beautiful wash of Coral on my cheeks.

This collection is definitely one worth checking out, there are a few items that I would love to get my hands on such as the cosmetics bag, nail lacquers and lipsticks. This collection is available online today at and in stores May 19th.

What are you picking up from this collection? Let me know in the comments below.

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