LISAP Easy Build 4 Step Hair Reconstruction System

LISAP Easy Build 4 Step Hair Reconstruction SystemLISAP Easy Build 4 Step Hair Reconstruction System

I am always looking for products to make my life easier when dealing with my curly haired daughter. She has dry, tangled hair and therefore it sometimes lacks shine, and has alot of breakage. I was recently sent a 4 part system from LISAP, that helps with restoring hair back to its original quality and condition. The LISAP Easy Build 4 Step Hair Reconstruction System works deep down in the hairs shaft to reconstruct internally from the cortex to the cuticle.

It restores the body, elasticity and strength of the hair,overall its like adding Botox to your hair.When I received the system, I was really excited to use it in my daughters hair, with swimming and environmental factors I have noticed an incredible change in the way her hair looks. after the first use I noticed a huge difference in the way her hair looked and felt.

LISAP Easy Build 4 Step Hair Reconstruction System.1

Step 1 is the Chelating Shampoo,Chelatizing literally means binding of capturing mineral deposits and eliminating them from the hair. Easy Build 1 is formulated to create synergy between the active ingredients, amino acids, keratin and vitamins to treat the most damaged parts of the hair. Leaving it glossy and perfectly manageable.

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Step 2 is the Polymeric Reconstructor used to rebuild the keratin structures internally from deep within the hair shaft . Its formula contains creatine, wheat amino acids and soya proteins that leave the hair looking healthier glossier and stronger. The quality and resilience of the hair structure is improved from the first application.

LISAP Easy Build 4 Step Hair Reconstruction System.3

Step 3 is the Moisturizing Micro emulsion, which ensures that its active ingredients immediately penetrate the hair structure. The red and black marine algae extract formula reinforce the reconstruct the hair fibre internally and externally. This third step restores vitality and elasticity, giving hair increased body without adding weight.

LISAP Easy Build 4 Step Hair Reconstruction System.4

Step 4 is the revitalizing Spray which completes the reconstructive treatment by effectively rebuilding the external layers of the hair, preventing split ends and leaving hair feeling like silk. Additionally, the hydrolyzed proteins, creatine and heat resistant substances moisturize the hair, protecting it from heat and making handling easier and styling longer lasting.

I wash my daughters hair every 3 to 4 days to keep as much moisture as I can in her hair. The system has helped tremendously with repairing it and its much more manageable that it has been in a long time. The scent is much like a soft Vanilla scent which you can help but love and the system retails for just under $70. My experience with the line was incredible, the products are easy to use and make a noticeable difference for my daughters hair routine. It provided salon quality results in the comfort of my own home and without breaking my pockets so I would definitely recommend LISAP to anyone looking to repair damaged hair.


*Products in this post were sent for review all opinions posted are honest statements

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