Indeed Labs Nanoblur, Fillume Volumising Serum and Moisturizer

Indeed LogoHappy New Year! and with that being said that means I will be a year older. 35 years old to be exact,for the past year I have been heavily into skincare to preserve my skin. I always said that I would never go the cosmetic route when it came to keeping my youthful appearance. But let’s be honest it is something that is very tempting not to wonder about. I had the opportunity to try out a few products from a Canadian company called Indeed Labs whose focus is to deliver quality results cost effectively for consumers like myself who don’t want a pocket gouge. Their ingredients used in their skincare are all high concentration of the rarest most effective actives from laboratories in Switzerland, Spain, France and the US.Indeed Labe Fillume, Nanoblur

In today’s post I will be sharing my experience with 3 of Indeed Labs products and how they worked for my skin. The 3 products I will be speaking about are  Nanoblur, Fillume Volumising Serum and Moisturizer. 

Do you want to look 10 years younger in just 40 seconds? Now this tag line is sure to capture any consumers eye while shopping in the skin care aisle. Nanoblur was made as an instant skin finisher for HD Camera ready skin in seconds. It is formulated with optical prism technology to change the way light reflects on the skin to give it a specific blur effect in areas of the face that are something unforgiving to us. Whats most intriguing about Nanoblur is that it can be used on top of makeup as well.

Of the 3 products that I reviewed I found Nanoblur to be the most troubling to use. Since its purpose is to be applied as the last step when applying makeup I found that tapping it onto my skin left disturbed spots of makeup. As well for myself It did not blur very much either. I did find Nanoblur effective in my brow area when it came to filling my brows. I was able to get a better grip when filling my brows with pencil that I normally didn’t get.Nanoblur

The Fillume line is what I enjoyed most. It’s formulated in such a way to provide a topical alternative to getting fillers done. Its peptide rich and works deep into the skin, which will then bind the collagen and elastin to plump the skin back to its former shape. PSA! It does work! I get about 4 hours sleep on average ( ill talk about why in another post) I more times look very tired as well with my health not so good at the moment its also taking its toll on my skin. Since I have been using the Fillume line which is about 1.5 months I have noticed that my skin looks fresher, more plump and has a great bounce back when you pinch my cheeks.

Fillume Serum

fillume moisturizer

I especially love the gel texture of the serum is penetrates into my skin nicely and I experiences no residue or stickiness either. The moisturizer is very rich but not heavy and hydrated my skin very well. It gave my skin a radiant finish and I also noticed my face felt alot smoother. Now I cannot forget the best part of the moisturizer ITS A PUMP!

fillume moisturizer pump

The Fillume Volumizing Serum 29.99, Volumizing Moisturizer $24.99 and the Nanoblur $19.99 can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart

Have you tried any products from Indeed Labs? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.

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