How to feed a Family of 5 on a Budget

How to feed a family of 5 on a budget

How to feed a Family of 5 on a budget

How to feed a Family of 5 on a budget is something that takes alot of careful thought and precise execution. It is no secret that my family and I enjoy home cooked meals. It’s also no secret that the prices of food have sky rocketed to the point where a head of cauliflower ranges anywhere between $4-$10 depending on where you shop. Being that I only work part-time and my Husband is more so of the bread winner in the home it is very important that we watch how much we spend. Especially because we have 3 growing children that eat quite a bit, I look for the best deal that I can find in the biggest quantity that I can get it for.

There are a few rules of thumb that I like to follow when it comes to feeding my family on a budget that I thought I would share, after all sharing is caring right? being that I am also always looking for ways to stretch a dollar. With that being said when I grocery shop I don’t look for cheap food to feed the clan with, my goal is to find nutritious foods that will keep my family healthy and provide them with the energy they need to get through the day.

I have 5 major points that I like to keep in mind when grocery shopping and I know you will too, find them beneficial so lets get started.

Plan Meals/ Pinterest Surfing – Since I get paid bi-weekly I like to plan 14 meals ( 2 being take out) that my family loves to eat. I like to get their input on meals to make sure that they infact do eat them. I have a note book that I like to jot down meals that I have in mind and I normally go through it to see if there are meals that I didn`t get to make or ones that the family loved and I go from there. I love Pinterest for the simple fact that I can find different ideas for meals to keep the family interested without eating the same meals all the time.

Write Ingredients down– In order to prepare my grocery list I like to list the ingredients that; that particular meal needs, next I go through my cupboards to make sure I am not buying something I already have. *side note shopping the cupboard also saves alot of money as well.

Go through flyers to see whats on sale– Now with this you can do this a number of different ways you can either use your favourite apps on your smart phone such as Reebee or Flipp or you can do it the old school way and use the flyers that normally get delivered to your home. What I like to do next is, according the the ingredients I need, I have now built a pretty extensive grocery list. I go through the flyers and if I find items that I need that are on sale, to make things easier and to expedite the check out process I put a * beside the food item along with the price and store I have found it at so that I can quickly pull out the flyer for the cashier in a timely fashion.

Shop in Bulk– This is so important for me having to feed my family. I like to buy things in bulk because it saves money in the long run, getting a membership for companies like Cosco and Sam`s Club depending on where you live is beneficial. They normally have a yearly membership fee to shop at their store. I like to shop for essential items in bulk such as: Sugar, Flour, Rice, Cereal, Eggs, Snacks and water. Now keep in mind this list might be different for some but this is just an idea of what works for me.

How to feed a family of 5 on a budget

Leave the Kids at home– Kids want everything they lay their eyes and hands on. That`s just how they are programmed, leaving them at home for me makes my time go alot smoother. I don`t have to worry about kids fighting or worrying about who needs to go the bathroom. I also don`t have to worry about being side tracked and picking up things that I don`t need which I am guilty of doing.

Like I said before these are some tips that have helped me alot, I spend less money when I carefully plan my meals rather than shopping with out a plan. What are some ways you shop to save money. Lets chat about this in the comments below.

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