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Fashion Friday’s Mixing Denims

Fashion Friday’s Mixing Denims

Fashion Friday's


I love Denim, and I love mixing them together. It’s like a clothing puzzle being put together to make a final product. Last weekend we took the kids to the movies and my goal was to find an outfit that was both trendy and casual to wear. Monkey was feeling under the weather but still wanted to dress up and feel special for our family outing. On a recent shopping trip my husband picked up a denim jacket from OshKosh for $10 so being that the weather was beautiful that day it was definitely suitable to wear. The jeans I picked up from Walmart back in the winter for $8.

mixing denims .3

They’re actually Jeggings but with a heavier material to mimic your traditional “denim” material. no buttons or zippers means no fuss from my lil one. They are easy to pull down and put on, which means I don’t have to supervise her getting ready in the morning. Her shoes I picked up from H&M which I posted about Here , let me tell you they have really come in handy. She can wear them with just about every outfit because they can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit shes wearing.


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Her shirt is a collard white dress shirt with embroidered dots on them for texture, I am not certain where it came from because it was a gift from grandma for her. It was a little chilly last weekend and being that monkey was feeling under the weather I completed her outfit with a patterned infinity scarf that I use to wear and just for an added touch she wore her daddy’s hat from our family trip to Cuba. A really simple outfit to throw together and a great way to shop the closet to create outfits based on what you have on hand. What are your favourite shades of denim to mix? Do you prefer to wear one shades of denim? I prefer dark denim on myself since I am quite curvy on the bottom portion of my body. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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