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Fashion Fridays: Boys can wear Pink too!

Fashion Fridays: Boys can wear Pink too!

Fashion Fridays: Boys can wear Pink too!

It’s Fashion Fridays: Boys can wear Pink too! and for the first time I am doing a boys fashion pot. If you had asked me 2 years ago if I would dress my son in the colour pink I would have said NO! growing up we always associate the colour Pink for girls and the colour Blue for boys. But after you see this post I am betting you will be looking for a pair of Pink shorts for your little guy too! Over the last couple of years getting into more kids fashion, I realized that Boys can indeed wear Pink, its actually a pretty big trend right now. It’s all about finding the right shade of it to wear. When I asked my Son if he would be interested in being my model he was delighted that he was finally appearing on my blog. When I told him he would have to wear Pink he was even more excited. WHO KNEW!

Fashion Fridays: Boys can wear Pink too!

Being that H&M is my go to place to shop for the kids I went shopping when they had a no tax event. There was quite a few pieces of clothing that I wanted to get, I am so shocked at how boys fashion has evolved over the last little while. I mean they are really trendy and for kids clothes and if you shop right they are very affordable too. I found a pair of Chino style pink shorts that were too cute not to buy, a white button up shift with sailor blue stripes and a super cute pair of canvas sneakers.

Boys Fashion Body Shot

The accessories I was able to shop my own stash which saved alot of money. I wonder sometimes why accessories are so expensive these days. Anyway the over all look costed me about $45 which is amazing. I can mix and match the pieces with other pieces of clothing for the summer and they can be dressed up for more formal outfits or dressed down for a more casual look.

Boys Fashion head Shot


What are your thoughts on Boys wearing Pink? Are you in with this trend or not? Let me know in the comments below

Boys Fashion Back Shot


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