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Demeter’s Foolproof Fragrance Blending Tool Kit Review

This is a collaboration post with the CBB and Demeter Fragrance

Demeter's Foolproof Fragrance Blending Tool Kit ReviewDemeter’s Foolproof Fragrance Blending Tool Kit Review

I think its important for every woman to find her signature fragrance that identifies them. I had the opportunity to create a custom blended scent with a few of my favourite scents. That I would normally wear in fragrances I currently own. Today I will be sharing my Demeter’s Foolproof Fragrance Blending Tool Kit Review. On the process of creating my scent and how I came up with my scents name.

Demeter is a brand where you can guarantee that the scents are exactly as stated. I choose 3 scents which smells just how I pictured them. Lavender, Pure Soap and Clean skin. The Demeter’s Foolproof Fragrance Blending Tool Kit comes with a Fragrance Funnel, 6 droppers, a one oz refill bottle. Which has a customizable label for you to name your fragrance along with that fragrance blending strips. Demeter's Foolproof Fragrance Blending Tool Kit Review

Looking back at it now, I played it fairly safe in terms of the scents that I chose, I went with ones that I knew, not knowing how easy the process of blending was going to be. For blending I started off with 6-8 drops of each. Once I did that I use the blending strips to judge my progress in scent to know whether I needed to add more or less of a particular scent. From there I continued to build my fragrance which I name A kiss of summer. I chose this name because this summer was just a long lasting memory for my family and I because of all the adventures we did.

Demeter's Foolproof Fragrance Blending Tool Kit Review

I love my signature scent I spritz it on before bed at night and the Aroma is amazing. I can`t believe how easy it was to create my own custom scent. One that I know no one else will smell like. Demeter has a really great website where you can browse their catalog of scents and choose your custom 3. To make your own scent, I do plan to explore other scents now that we are in fall and Im thinking more of a musky scent would be perfect for the cooler months.

A Kiss of Summer


A kiss of Summer 10 drops of Clean Skin 6 drops of Lavender 8 drops of Pure Soap

My experience with Demeter has been wonderful. Thank you to the CBB for opportunities like this to show our creativity not just through sight but through our smell as well.

What is your signature scent if you could make your own what would you choose

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