Curls & Confidence Monthly Subscription Box Review

Curls & Confidence Monthly Subscription Box Review

Curls & Confidence

Can you believe its only a few days before school resumes? I thought I was excited about the fact that school routines begin again but sadly I am not. As each day gets closer I get more sad or maybe the correct word I should use is overwhelmed. This summer, between swimming lessons and going to various water parks and pools. My youngest daughters hair took a beating. It got dry, hard to comb and lacked shine.

I had the opportunity to review a monthly subscription box from a friend of mine which she recently launched in August. Curls & Confidence is a monthly subscription box  filled with deluxe size samples of hair care for Natural and Curly haired women of colour. The Samples range from Shampoos, Conditioners, Leave in treatments, defining creams and much more. These boxes are a small amount of $25 which is nothing for the amount of goodness you get to feed your hair.

Curls & Confidence Monthly Subscription Box Review

Subscription boxes for Natural hair care is a great opportunity to try new products. Whether you are newly transitioning or you don’t want to commit to prices without knowing if the products work. I received my box the first week of August and have been loving each product and its benefits for my curly haired daughter. Being introduced to these products has shown me the importance of proper hair care. As well as how easy it CAN be to manage Curly hair.

So without further adieu lets see whats in the August Curls & Confidence


This is heaven in a bottle! this 8 oil blend as an oil treatment, or at night before wrapping your head. I used this in a spray bottle with equal parts Rose water and the oil blend and I spritz my locs with it before bed. Or if I need to re-twist in between washes. For my daughter I use this as an oil treatment since heat allow the hair shaft to open and absorb.

The 8 oils in this blend are: Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Grapseed oil, Neem oil, Jojoba oil, Lavender, Rosemary, Sandalwood essential oils

Curls & Confidence Monthly Subscription Box Review


This is another one of my favourites for promoting healthy growth while styling your hair. I spray this in Monkey’s hair after I’ve done washing, conditioning and towel drying. It not only helps with breakage which we experienced alot this summer it also gave her curls alot of moisture so there was less frizz.

Curls & Confidence Monthly Subscription Box Review


Amazing x10! I love the way my daughters curls looked after using the leave in conditioner. She has a few curl patterns throughout her head and the leave in conditioner made each curl perfectly moisturized and shiny.

The ingredients in the Curly locs is very simple too with just 3 ingredients. Coconut oil, Jojoba seed oil, Aloe leaf juice.

Curls & Confidence Monthly Subscription Box Review


Where has Jane Carter been all my life. The Shampoo is amazing, just enough lather that it doesn`t feel like monkeys hair will fall apart. The scent is very fresh. I also used the conditioner as a co-wash method a couple of time due to time constraints and it still left her curls well managed and moisturized.

Jane Carter is the perfect way to start a simple and effective hair regime if you are natural, transitioning or have curly hair.



Overall I love all the products I received in this months Subscription box and I look forward to reviewing more. Check out Curl & Confidence on social media

To Christina, I cannot tell you how elated I am at this major accomplishment. You have started something that is a very big deal among us women of colour. I will forever be your biggest fan!

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