CND Rescue Kit for Healthy Summer Nails

CND Rescue Kit for Healthy Summer Nails

CND Rescue Kit for Healthy Summer Nails

I have an extensive nail polish collection being a beauty blogger quite frankly I have alot more than I need. Now knowing how much I change my nail colour for reviewing purposes it’s all justified. With frequent changes in my nail colour and the wear and tear from Work. I have to take extra care of my nails, that means vitamins to promote healthy growth and nail treatments too. I was recently sent the CND Rescue Kit to review and it couldn’t have come at a better time. After using it for a few weeks i’ll be using the CND Rescue Kit for Healthy Summer Nails.  I fell in love with the rescue kit very quickly, I noticed a big difference in the first 2 days. My cuticles were much softer, not flaky or dry, after a week I also noticed that my nails were growing much longer.

The Treatments

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I use acetone to remove my nail colour because its fast and makes glitter easier to remove. The disadvantage to using it is the fact that my nails sometimes start to peel and get dry. Along with that I also have a few white spots on my nails too that have popped up. The Rescue Rxx Daily Keratin Treatment($20.50) has helped tremendously with those issues which I massaged into my nails twice daily. I noticed a lot less peeling of my nails and 3 of my white spots have also disappeared.

Now I don’t have an issue with oily nail beds, however I know quite a few ladies that do. So with that being said the Scrub Fresh(20.50) is the perfect Nail surface cleanser for oily beds. All you need to do is moisten a cotton round and wipe your nails of all oils before you polish. I guarantee you that your nail colour will last much longer with this method.

I remember last year going to a blog event for CND and having a manicure done. When I was through they put on this amazingly fragrant nail and cuticle conditioner which I now own. The Solar Oil($10.00) is a nail and cuticle conditioner is infused with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to help with moisture.

I suffer from an over growth of Cuticles, it seems like I am always removing them every few days. The Cuticle Eraser(13.99) has alpha-hydroxy acids to micro-exfoliate to condition and remove dry cuticle skin when used daily

Weekly Polish

CND Rescue Kit for Healthy Summer Nails

The weekly polish shades are apart of their new collection and the Top Coat which gives a high gloss look is used for the wear of the polish to provide a more lengthy wear. The shades that I received are perfect for the summer. Dessert Poppy is a Bright Coral shade, Date Night is a Cool blue cream and Lavender Lace a shimmery Lilac shade.As well as Demure, which is my fave, its a light Pink cream. The prices range is about $12-$13 depending on some retailers and like Trade secrets. Overall I love the CND brand, the weekly polish lasts on my nails for about 6 days before I notice and significant chipping. All of the coats I applied 2 coats, the application was really easy and I didn’t experience any streaking.

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Dessert Poppy

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Lavender Lace

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Date Night

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