Blinc Discovery Collection #thinkblinc

Blinc Discovery Collection #thinkblinc

Blinc Discovery Collection #thinkblinc

Back in April I had the opportunity to review the Blinc Discovery Collection #thinkblinc. Over the last few months, they have been staples in my everyday makeup routine, especially with their “life proof” capabilities and they warm weather. The new collection has been my favourite. Being in the beauty industry I’ve have come across alot of waterproof and water resistant products. I tend to stay away from the waterproof formulas because they removal is dreadful! Blinc has developed a formula that offers waterproof qualities while still being incredibly easy to remove, making Blinc the ideal product for fitness lovers, allergy sufferers, and vacation swimmers.

The collection includes deluxe sample sizes of the  Mascara Amplified, Eyebrow Mousse, Eyeshadow Primer, Eyeliner Pencil, these four items are all you need to achieve a sweat proof , smudge proof  and flake proof makeup look. These essentials are perfect for someone just being introduced to the line.

Blinc discovery collection #thinkblinc


Eyebrow Mousse: Our Fountain of Youthful Color Eyebrow Mousse is a unique and innovative brow makeup designed to give enhancing, water-resistant and moisturizing color to your eyebrows. Makeup re-application is never required with blinc Eyebrow Mousse. Like all blinc products, you get all-day, no-smudge wear with this brow makeup. blinc eyebrow mousse is the original brow innovation that does 4 things in just one easy step. It tints with water proof color, holds and sculpts like a gel, fills in sparse areas and moisturizes skin all at the same time.

– Color: Light Brunette

- Size: 0.06 oz

Brow taming products are a staple for me, I have thick brows and there are few products that I can say work well for me. The Brow mousse gave my brows a slight tint and held up my brows all day without the crunchy hard feeling that most brow gels give once they have dried.

Mascara Amplified: After almost a decade in development, blinc mascara AMPLIFIED provides incredible, buildable, glamorous volume and length, all while offering the Life Proof properties our original blinc mascara, which women have grown to love and depend upon. Buildable, glamorous volume and length while forming tiny water-resistant “tubes” around your lashes that cannot run, smudge, clump or flake and slide off with a combination of water and gentle pressure.

– Color: Black

- Size: 0.10 oz

My favourite of all! I’m not too picky on mascara’s however I fell in love with the amplified mascara. It gave me alot of length because of the tubes that attach on with each stroke and I didn’t experience any flaking or crumbling at the end of the day. Since its been reformulated from its original version I found that this formula was a little more wet than before, which I love because I could build and not have to worry about it getting too clumpy.

Eye Shadow Primer: Our Fountain of Youthful Color Eye Shadow Primer allows you to have crease-free shadow all day, while providing your skin with anti-aging benefits at the same time. In addition to superior hold, blinc’s primer for eye shadow contains anti-aging ingredients that clinical studies have shown to decrease fine lines after just six weeks by 67% and increase skin’s moisture after just one week by 53%.

– Color: Light Tone

– 0.06 oz

I was really surprised at how well the primer worked on me. For some reason I have no been having much success with eye primers like I use to. However the subtle beige coloured primer not only held my eyeshadow on well over 12 hours even when I accidentally rubbed my eyes my shadows still didn’t budge.

Eyeliner Pencil: blinc’s eyeliner pencil offers unsurpassed hold while conditioning and treating skin at the same time. The blinc eyeliner pencil was created to feature water proof, smudge proof, fade proof color that makes it one of the longest wearing pencils available. blinc eyeliner pencil glides onto lids effortlessly and offers intense, all day, water proof color that cannot smudge or fade. The creamy, formula contains vitamins for anti-aging conditioning. 

– Color: Black

– Size: 0.03 oz

Another one of my faves, intense black liner and it didn’t budge not even when I wore it in my waterline. It was quite amazing how it lasted so long and only moved when I was ready to remove it.

Overall I loved all the of products from the Discovery Collection it was a great way to try out products to see just how well they work without committing to the full size.

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