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Adele appears on Rolling Stones Magazine


Today’s post is a discussion I am hoping to spark with my readers, especially the younger ones. Growing up, and especially in this generation women are sexualized in order to be desired or noticed. Many music videos portray women as a trophy,half dressed and “twerking” and then we have celebrity icons who get their fame from leaked sex tapes “breaking” the internet completely baring it all. So why do we look up to these standards and feel like less is more? Why do we risk it all and jeopardize our loved ones for fame?

I came across the new cover for Rolling Stones Magazine and on it is Adele singer if new hit song “Hello” on the cover she is fully clothed in a white terry cloth robe, bare faced (she woke up like this) and fierce. I have to say this cover spoke volumes to me as a woman and a mother, it shows confidence, exemplifies a woman who doesn’t look to the social limelight to be accepted both physically and emotionally which many of us women are guilty of daily.

At the same time she seeks a sense of acceptance for who she chooses to be and how she chooses to present herself to world of what the world claims it should be.  2 of my 3 kids are girls and my oldest who is turning 16 falls into this trap all the time, friends, tv and music have a big influence on how they act, grow and see themselves in the mirror. I try to instill in my girls and my son that self love and self acceptance is what is important. I teach them how to be empowering to each other, and to know that beauty isn’t defined by materials. Its a quality that every woman has and its the way she uses it that stands out.

How do you feel about the way women are seen in the world? Do you feel that we are to blame as well for the way we are portrayed in the eyes of society? Let me know in the comments below


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  • Reply Huub Ricardo

    I love that cover. I read some where that someone asked her that if she was “skinner” that she would be showing her body with less clothes.Her answer was NO! She would still dress like she’s dressing now. I don’t know why it’s okay to show everything. We don’t have to feel sexy by wearing less. But feel sexy by being intelligent and being fully clothed. I’m glad that when I was a kid I wasn’t looking up to female artists like nowadays. Thank you for this post!!

    09/11/2015 at 8:02 pm
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