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2016 Better Blogging and Social Media Tips

2016 Better Blogging and Social Media Tips Now that the new year has begun my focus for the year is to perfect my content, grow my audience and engage more with my readers. Back in October when I decided to relaunch my then beauty blog into more of a lifestyle blog, there was one thing that I wanted to specifically wanted to master. Organization, with having kids and a husband, maintaining a home and working I found it difficult sometimes to get my thoughts, props, and timing in order to execute the best content for my readers. Which is why I really think my blog sort of suffered and got placed on the back burner.

I decided to do some research to find the best tips for me to make sure that my blog didn’t fall behind again. I wanted to make sure that I utilized all the tools and information to make my blog the best that it can be.

I came up with a few tips that I wanted to share with you for bloggers that are experts or even those that are just beginning to blog. Now I am no expert but I believe that all bloggers should support one another. So here it goes, Let me know if you find these tips helpful or if you currently implement tips similar to these in your current blogging regime.


2016 Better Blogging and Social Media Tips

Tip 1: Pick a colour scheme

Picking a colour scheme is essential for branding. It sets you apart from other bloggers and maintains consistency throughout your blog as well as your other Social media outlets. This is especially beneficial when building relationships with PR companies it shows that you take time and pride in your work and it also shows that everything flows. The possibilities are endless when choosing colours, go for something that inspires you, or something that represents who you are. Keeping that in mind should help in narrowing down your selection.

Tip 2: Photography/Props

Photography is so important for blogging and social media. Its what grabs the audience’s attention. Visual information is what brings traffic and continues to bring it. Gathering props whether you have to purchase or you can find items at home are very important. Making sure the props that you use are in relation to what you blog about is also very important. Finding a camera that captures clear pictures is also important. That would also require you to research and study your camera’s settings and practice until you have perfected your shot.

Tip 3: Filters

If using filters always be consistent with the type of filters that are used. This is especially useful on Instagram. There are so many filters to choose from always pick ones that do not take away from true beauty of the photo, however choosing a filter that is bright is suggested.

Tip 4: Scheduling

Picking a schedule to blog, take photos, post to social media is a crucial step in having a blog. Setting a specific time to sit down and put together content will maximize the audience you are trying to reach. Selecting a time to take photos and edit them will ensure that the photos are not rushed, they’re clear and will visually capture a readers attention. Lastly scheduling when to post to all social media outlets is also important because you want to reach out as far as you can based on when your audience is available. This is the one aspect of blogging this year that will be my main focus.

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