Some Basic Tips for Preparing your Vehicle For the Winter

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    Some Basic Tips for Preparing your Vehicle For the Winter

    Now that the summer is over and fall is here, all of the family road trips have come to an end. Lets be honest when you lead a busy life do we really give our vehicles the tlc that it needs? Or do we wait until we hear that funny noise, smell the road kill through the vents we accidentally ran over. Before we decide to give our cars the much needs maintenance it needs.  My husband has been a mechanic for all of his adult life and most of his teenage life. I could never, and really I still don’t understand sometimes. How someone can spend so much time outside cleaning and maintaining a car.

    I am talking weekly washes, daily vacuuming, tire shining, and much more. I have also learned a few things along the way watching him fix our friends and family’s vehicles. One of them I recently learned was how to change the Air Filter. I really didn’t know the importance of doing it until I saw just how bad one looked once it needed changing. I know the basics of maintaining a Car especially before the colder months arrive. Important tasks to keep in mind are:

    1. checking the wipers to make sure they are all in tact. That means making sure there are no signs of visible wear and tear on your wipers and that they clear the windshield properly.



    2. Checking to make sure your Spare tire is accessible and properly inflated. Or even knowing where its located. In this case ours is located in the floor of the trunk.


    3. Another important thing to know and check is the Tire Pressure, which is quite easy there is a small guide that you can refer to, to know how much air is needed in your tires. Our recommended pressure level is a 32 Psi and 60 Psi for the Spare Tire. For those of you that are not familiar with adding air to your tires. You simply locate and unscrew the air cap, use the Tire gauge to measure the pressure in the Tire. Next use the the air hose to add air in short bursts. Lastly keep checking to ensure you’ve reach the recommended Psi.


    4. Next you want to check out the lights to make sure all lights are working and your lenses are clean too. Specific lights you want to pay attention to are the brake lights, signal lights and the head lights.


    5. Lastly you want to make sure that your air filters are in good condition. The reason this is so important, and to me the most important of all is because the cabin air filter is there to clean the air entering your car. From unwanted dust, allergens and dirt. Especially if you are an allergy sufferer like my husband is, we find this essential for the long hours we spend going on road trips. Not changing your filter annually or every 24,000km or (Follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle owner’s manual). As suggested can also cause the air conditioner and defrost system to work less efficiently.

    The Engine air filter is another important aspect in the function of your vehicle. It filters the air going into your Engine. When you’re Engine air filter is dirty it compromises the performance and power of your vehicle. Changing the filter yearly helps keep your Engine operate at its best. The difference between the two filters are quite simple the Cabin filter, filters the air you breathe, and the Engine filter, filters the air your Engine breathes.


    To change the Air Cabin Filter I headed over to my local Canadian Tire and I picked up the  FRAM Fresh Breeze® Cabin Air Filter, and a FRAM Engine Filter.

     FRAM Fresh Breeze® Cabin Air Filter

    Fram Extra Guard

    As I had said before FRAM suggests that you change your filter every 24,000 km. We are pretty diligent when it comes to changing our filters. However since we had such a hot summer the filters were pretty dirty in such a short time.


    Left to Right Dirty Filter, Clean Filter



    Left to Right Dirty Filter, Clean Filter

    In terms of changing the filters, that was the easiest part in doing our maintenance check. I located the spot where the Cabin air filter is placed which is located behind the glove box.


    I unscrewed the knobs which were on either side of the glove box to get access to where the filter is housed.


    Once I did that I removed the cover by pinching together a little snap, in order for the face cover to be removed. After that I removed the dirty filter.



    Inserting the clean filter was a piece of cake. It took no more that 10 minute install and it makes a big difference in the air quality entering our vehicle. These simple steps have now made us ready for the colder season ahead.



    The FRAM Fresh Breeze® cabin air filter is the only cabin air filter that uses the natural deodorizing qualities of ARM & HAMMER® baking soda. Contaminants that enter your vehicle with outside air can become concentrated, exposing passengers to higher levels of dust, dirt and allergens than outside the car. It is also recommended that both filters be change at the same time for optimal air function through your car. To check out more tips and tricks for changing out your filters here!

    What are some of your steps you use to make sure your car is Winter ready? Let me know in the comments below.


    Women's Fashion

    Fall in love with Fall Fashion at Giant Tiger


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    Fall in love with Fall Fashion at Giant Tiger

    Everyone who knows me, knows just how much I love the Fall Season. I love the crisp cool air, falling tri colour leaves. Enjoying early Sunsets drinking my Pumplin Spice Lattes. Sweater Dresses, Scarves and Comfort food. Fall Fashion never changes much if you really think about it. You can still layer your favourite pieces. Throw on a pair of Booties and continue to wrap your Scarf to Infinity.


    What has changed are the prices for everything. Just about everything has had a huge influx but with that being said. We shouldn’t have to limit out Fall wardrobe because of that AGREED! Giant Tiger has recently launched their Lily Morgan Line of clothing. Filled with Confident and Stylish pieces for the fall season. What is even more amazing you can find stylish pieces without breaking the bank to look your absolute best .


    Some of my favourite pieces to wear during the fall which I also found in the Lily Morgan line are their Leggings which are lined. To keep you warm on those cooler days and nights. Sweaters because every woman needs a great sweater to wear with her favourite jeans. Lastly, I don’t know about you but every fall I am on a search for a comfortable pair of Fall booties that can be worn with everything. Guess what! I found a pair of those too.

     The Lily Morgan Line is designed to provide quality clothing on a budget. Basically you can buy a complete outfit for under $100 and look like you spent $1000. Which I think is amazing, It’s rare these days to find a whole outfit that looks good for that price point. Today I wanted to share with you a cute little ensemble I put together with some essential pieces that I feel every woman should own in their closets. They are all pieces that I chose because comfort is really important to me along with being stylish.


    Quality Clothing on a Budget

    Being that I am a plus sized woman, it is very hard to find fashion that looks good. Its discouraging walking into a store with the intent to find an outfit only to walk out empty handed. Even doing the modelling for this post was difficult. Being that I am not use to finding clothes that look flattering on me. Now that I have found something that fits great and looks awesome on. It was a little out of my comfort zone of disappointment. The one thing that I wanted to point out is that because the Lily Morgan line also caters plus size women. It will  never compromise the quality and look of their clothes. Thank You Giant Tiger!

    Plus Size Fashion has never looked this good!


    Scarf $7 Sweater Dress $22 Leggings $10



    Wedge Shootie $30

    For this outfit I went with a simple Black Legging which is lined to keep me warm for the chilly months. I love sweater dresses and there were so many to choose from. However being that I love darker shades I went with a Grey dress that came with a cute belt as well. I also found a great pair of Microsuede wedges that are so comfortable especially for a girl like me that does not wear heels. I still felt confident in a little bit of height. Since I love scarves, just to add some texture and colour to my outfits and picked up this beautiful scarf as well.

    I love the Lily Morgan line and I can’t wait to incorporate more pieces into my closest If you are new to Giant Tiger check out their store or online where you can see what other great items you can grab too.


    1 Stick Multiuse BITE Beauty Multisticks Review and Swatches


    1 Stick Multi-use BITE Beauty Multisticks Review and Swatches

    Bite Beauty recently launched their Multisticks. Which can be used on the Eyes, Lips, and Cheeks. They are available in 18 shades, applies like a cream and wears like a powder. Of the 18 shades I have 6 of them that will be sharing with you today. Now when I first realized that the Multisticks could be used on the eyes, I was a little confused. Mainly because its a cream formula and I know there would be obvious sign of creasing if I wore them as such. Well its safe to say that they do crease unfortunately. Even when worn over the strongest eye primers I own. However worn on the lips and cheeks is much more forgiving. I really thought that because it wears like a powder the multisticks would have eventually set down to a powder. Sadly they didn’t.


    applies like a cream and wears like a powder

    They are very easy to blend, and give a soft focus of colour to my cheeks. On my lips the colour saturation is strong, I didn’t experience any drying out on my lips. Which I was a little worried about since again, they wear as a powder. They are silicone, paraben, phthalates and sulfate free. What I love is how easy the multisticks are to use. You can simply use your fingers to blend them out which is a bonus because you can guarantee that it will look like a soft flush of colour.


    $25.00 CAD

    Now on to the colours I received! They are absolute perfection. With the fall season in full swing here the shades are perfect for the season. I felt that the colours I received were perfect for my skin tone and a skin tone a little deeper than mine. The texture of the multisticks on the lips feel like a comfortable Semi Matte. One thing did cross my mind though tell me if you agree. Since Bite Beauty is known for the lip products and they’ve now launched a product that is multi purpose. Does that mean Bite will be expanding their line to more products in the future?


    Left to right Macaroon, Cerise, Gelato, Blondie, Cocoa, Cashew

    Anyway overall I love the Multisticks. I’ll probably give it a try again on the eyes to see if I can somehow make it work better. Otherwise they are my new addition to fall lip colours I’ll be wearing.

    Lifestyle Travel

    Summer Splashin’ Part 3 at Calypso Theme Water Park


    Summer Splashin' Part 3 at Calypso Theme Water Park

    Summer Splashin’ Part 3 at Calypso Theme Water Park

    Summer is officially over. But before I let it go I wanted to share with you our most memorable trip this summer. Summer Splashin’ Part 3 at Calypso Theme Water Park located East of outside of Ottawa in Limoges. It is the biggest Canadian themed water park that sits on 100 Acres of land. Calypso theme water park has the largest wave pool, amazing rides, and the best whitewater experience I ever encountered. Not forgetting to mention the biggest water slides I have ever seen and been on!

    Summer Splashin' Part 3 at Calypso Theme Water Park

    We decided to stay the night in Ottawa since the kids have never been there and they loved it. We stayed at the Holiday Inn located right across from the St Laurent Mall. We visited Byward Market which is in the lower part of the business and government district in Ottawa. The layout of the market is much like an open concept where you can easily access stores from an “open air” feel. For me that was the most exciting part of the trip. I was able to roam around and really take in my surroundings. Which were absolutely stunning.




    Oh and I enjoyed a Beaver Tail. If you unfamiliar with this fried dough delicacy( thats what I call it) it originated in Killaloe Ontario in 1978. Then a few years later Beaver tail opened it’s first permanent store in Ottawa. So eating a Beaver Tail was the cool thing to do while visiting Ottawa.


    A Canadian Creation, A National Emblem becomes a Popular Treat


    Calypso Theme Water Park


    We arrived at the Water Park just after noon and got ourselves set up to hit the water. It was such an amazing experience. The slides were so exhilarating, I felt like a kid again. The Wave pool reminded me of a Water Park I use to visit as a kid. The kids zone area felt like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. The kids were in complete amazement when we arrived. We played a little prank on them making them thinking we were just going to hang at the hotel pool.





    The highlight of the day were all the different water slides. I cannot swim and I was really uneasy going on the slides. Waiting in line felt like we were on top of a huge mountain because we were so high up. It made the anticipation build and my anxiety sky rocket. Since it was the kids first experience in a water park like this, it was a small sacrifice that I made that ended up being the best decision ever. The wave pool area was amazing, heated at 28 C the waves were powerful and really made for a fun time. It was just an amazing day and mini vacation for the family. That we will never forget.

    What were some of your highlights you and your family enjoyed this summer? Let me know in the comments below.




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    Cooking Made Easy With Chefs Plate Weekly Delivery

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    Cooking Made Easy With Chefs Plate Weekly Delivery

    Cooking Made Easy With Chefs Plate Weekly Delivery

    Cooking can be something that I wish I could avoid all together. However I recently had the opportunity to work with Chef’s Plate and my outlook on cooking has completely changed. Now You and I can have Cooking Made Easy With Chefs Plate Weekly Delivery service. A service that delivers fresh ingredients to your home with delicious recipes each and every week. Its pretty easy to use. You choose your recipe based on what you want. Then you receive the ingredients in a refrigerated box to your door. Once you receive them its time to create a restaurant style dinner right in the comfort of your own home. Its safe to say you can throw out the Kraft Dinner and Ramen Noodles after you’ve tried Chef’s Plate.

    It’s really easy to Order, you pick your plan whether it be a 2 person or family plan. Once you do that Chef’s Plate will then show you meal that are available for the week. You choose your meal fill out all required information and you receive your refrigerated ingredients. I picked my meals and received them within 3 days, everything was well packaged and kept cool until I was ready to use it. The ingredients were fresh, the meat was locally raised which is amazing and it all came to my door. What more could you really ask for.

    Chef’s Plate Meal Prep


    Each week there are new recipes that are posted for you to choose from. You have the option of a Beef, Chicken, Fish or Vegetarian dishes. If you don’t like the meals for that week you also have to option to skip them.





    The recipes are pretty straight forward to follow and it only took about 30 minutes for the meal to be complete and ready to eat. All I really needed to was chop up my ingredients and cook them. Its a complete time saver for me when I don’t have time to cook fancy meals. My overall experience with Chefs plate was amazing, I could really get use to having my groceries delivered to my door. It takes the guess work out figuring out what to make for my family. I also really appreciated the fact that they foods were fresh and all locally grown. It reassures me that I am feeding my family with quality food.

    To be generous the my lovely friends over at Chef’s Plate has provided a referral tag #MABELLEVIE will give you 3 FREE PLATE CREDITS off their first order with them. Try it out you won’t be sorry!