Wine Not! Wednesday Featuring JP Azeitao Rose

Wine Not! Wednesday Featuring JP Azeitao Rose Wine Not! Wednesday Featuring JP Azeitao Rose 

Happy Hump day friends! It’s Wine Not! Wednesday Featuring JP Azeitao Rose the perfect Rose to enjoy some R&R with some of your favourite girlfriends while laughing, chatting and doing each other’s manicure. The perfect way to start the summer off. Lately, I have been spending a lot of time in my backyard enjoying our newly renovated pond my husband did, with a glass of  JP Azeitao wine in hand of course. The JP Azeitao is a fresh, fruity and light Rose wine that wakes up a sleepy palate to give aromatic sensations. It is produced from the Syrah and Moscatel Roxo grape vineyards located in Setubal Portugal. Of all the Rose wine I have had to opportunity to enjoy the pale pink colour of this wine is so beautiful.  It represents floral aromas and pairs well with salads and chicken dishes. It’s a medium body with some dryness but not to the point where its un-enjoyable.

This Rose serves best at a temperature of 8-10 C so you can appreciate the refreshing taste it brings. It’s one of those wines that you definitely need for the summer months to enjoy while entertaining friends. It would also be a good wine to use is you are into drinks like sangrias. It is a seasonal at a small cost of $9 which I think is amazing! because it such a tasty wine to sip on. The alcohol content is a little high at 12.2% but who’s counting! June 10th is National Rose Day and I can’t wait to share with you a great recipe using that you can also make at home to enjoy. 

Until next Wednesday! Cheers! It’s happy hour somewhere in the world. Drink responsibly!

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