Wine Not! Wednesday Featuring Inception Irresistible White


Wine Not! Wednesday Featuring Inception Irresistible White

Well hello my fellow wine drinkers. I  know I am a little late but you know how life goes. Better late than never I guess. Today is another Wine Not! Wednesday Featuring Inception Irresistible White. I know I keep expressing my love for new wines that I try but yet again I have indulged in another white wine that needs to be tried. Inception irresistible white is a fresh fruity tastes of stone fruits like Nectarine and Peaches. In terms of the scent of this white, I picked up alot of floral  notes. 

It is a refreshing dry white Wine with some sweetness which is not overly done. That is thanks to the blend of Chardonnay 78%, Viognier 15% and Gewurztraminer  7% grapes. When I took the first sip I noticed how smooth and clean the finish was. The balance of acidity and sweetness with the aromas of stone fruits, summer flowers and a slight hint of wood was very striking on my palate.

To attain its youthful complexity the blend of grapes were harvested by hand at full maturity for a more crisp taste. The grapes are then fermented separately in a combination of tanks and old oak vats. Inception Irresistible White is excellent to drink on it own well chilled or also pairs well with Asian, Mediterranean and light chicken dishes. If you are looking for another great white to try definitely check out  Inception Irresistible White


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