What is Strobing Part 2: How to

Well if you’re reading this post and you didn’t tune in yesterday you may want to go back and catch that post HERE if you did and you’re here to see exactly how Strobing is done awesome. Now as I said in yesterdays post, Strobing is the new/old technique of highlighting. If you are unfamiliar with what higlighting is. It is a way to emphasize the high points of the face where natural light normally hits.
More so, Strobing is now known as a fool proof way to contour without using the traditional contouring technique of applying darker foundations etc to de-flaw the face for a more flattering look.  When Strobing is done correctly it should look like a natural glow from within, not a shimmery disco ball look. Now from my post yesterday I provided a few products which I categorized based on complexions that are not overly shimmery or chunky in texture, instead they provide the skin with a more natural soft glow of the skin when applied strategically. As I said this is not so much a new technique but more a short cut way to achieve a contour. As promised I have posted a face diagram of the placement for highlighting I have also listed in the “shop the post” section for the list of products I used to do Strobing. Along with that I have also provided a side view of how strobing looks after completion.
Strobing/ Highlighting how to
Step 1: Prep and Primer the skin with moisturizer and Primer
Step 2: Apply Foundation suitable for skin type
Step 3: Conceal and Correct any discolouration on the face
Step 4: Apply concealer 2-3 shades lighter depending on preference to the high points of the face
Step 5: Set with setting powder of choice
Step 6: Apply high lighting products to the high points of the face as pictured in diagram above, if products are liquid do Step 5 last
Step 6 : Set face with setting spray and you’re done

Strobing/ Highlighting
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