We`re Moving : A family journey

We’re Moving!

A  A family journey

Part 1




Today’s post is part of a series We’re Moving, I will be talking about over the next little while. If you recall in my Painting a Brick Fireplace post I spoke about recently moving. Moving from home to home or from city to city and even from different countries is the most trying time for a family. It’s an adjustment that can sometimes be difficult for some to accept. Moving also brings forth different emotions that can be hard to deal with and it also can be a test on how strong a family unit is.

In the beginning of April my husband and I were discussing the possibility of moving into a bigger home. At that time we were living in a 3 bedroom town home where the two younger kids were sharing a room. We were at a  stage in our lives where it was time to move from our home of 7 years, a starter home, into a space where everyone had their own area for down time.  I was not employed at the time, being a SAHM looking after the kids and home was my priority, so the discussion of moving was just a thought and a future goal.

A few weeks went by and we received a phone call from a family friend who was a Mortgage broker, he was actually the one who assisted us in getting our home. He has called to let us know that he was now back in the mortgage business and to send any referrals his way. The Irony of of that phone call was pretty crazy, it was like he knew that we had thoughts of moving and it made us want to make that future goal of moving a reality.

In the particular neighborhood that we lived in, the houses generally took 2-3 days to sell because of the hot housing market. A little background on our house, we lived in a 3 storey town home with 3 bed and 3 bath, above ground finished basement. It was an end unit on a premium lot of my subdivision in a cul de sac. It was the biggest house in my subdivision, so my husband and I thought it would be a piece of cake to sell when we were ready financially. Now we all know when selling a home you want to go with a reputable agent that will get your the best price for your home. Its like leaving your life in their hands. As I was saying before the houses in my neighborhood sold very quickly and over the initial asking price by a certain Real Estate agent.

It had my husband and I very intrigued so we called the agent to come in and do an assessment on our home to determine how much we could have ask for if we chose to sell and what we needed to do to prepare the home when we decided to sell as far as cosmetic changes. April 24th the agents come to our home, did a walk through and based on the logistics of our home I mentioned, the listing price that was provided was an open door for a journey we were not prepared for emotionally. By April 28th we had de-cluttered our home, staged it and it was up for sale on the market for $xxx,xxx.00

What we didn’t know was how much of an impact this journey would be on our lives, we didn’t know the good the bad and the ugly journey of our family move, and the failures we would feel. Most of all we didn’t know how to overcome the repeated sense of defeat and disappointment we were about to experience. Further more we didn’t know what was next. All we knew is We’re Moving and the house was for sale. All we knew was that I was still unemployed and now needed to find a job ASAP. We also knew that we needed to decided on an area and the type of house we wanted to make sure the transition was very smooth for our young family. There was so much as stake that we just had no clue about.

Stay Tuned on Wednesday for Part 2 where I tell you more about my testimony. Thank you for reading!
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