We’re Moving: A Family Journey Part 2



We’re Moving : A Family Journey Part 2- Offer Presentation

we are moving part 2


If you missed part 1 of my we’re moving series you can check out the first post here For those that are still reading, thanks for stopping by for my second post of this series. I left off telling you that my house went up for sale on the market on April 28th it was the busiest week ever! The process went a like this everyday, at approximately 9 am we would get a call from the agents office to book viewings. We would typically get those calls 2-3 times an hour for about 4 hours to set appointments for that specific day. Which meant we had to be ready to leave the house as per the agent’s advisement.

With the kids in school and coming home, many of the viewings conflicted with the times the kids were expected home. I remember a few times having to sit in the park during viewings because I had to be home for the kids arrival from school. What made this new transition even more difficult was not being able to cook meals for the kids. During the selling of our home we had to make sure there were no personal traces of us in the home. Which would mean no cooking of food. We did alot of dining out which was both expensive and got pretty boring, pretty fast. Not to mention that is when I started to pack on the weight ( i’ll save that post for another day)

We decided that during the rest of the viewing times until the house had sold that we would stay at my in-laws house for most of the day so that the kids would have a more comfortable environment. When the house initially came on the market we were told that offer date would be 1 week after. We were both nervous and anxious for the date to come. By then we had over 40 people come to see the house. 1 hour before the offer presentation our agents had notified us that there were only 3 offers made on our home to be presented. Can I say heartbroken! only three offers after we opened our homes for the world to peruse, to judge and decide if it was good enough to live in. A house that for the last 7 years I put my blood sweat and tears into, to maintain a home to stage and present it to be sold! and it was only worth 3 offers!

Here is the best part of the three offers, our agent ended up turning down one of the offers because the offer was too low. Which left us with two offers to be presented with. One of the offers was being presented by the agent, who was dressed so casually that we couldn’t take him seriously. They made their offer and stood on stand by until it was time to make a decision. Only to call back and withdraw their offer, which by the way was way too low anyway.

At this point I was fuming mad and at the verge of tears. I cannot tell you how much of  blow to the stomach I was feeling at that time. Our agent kept reassuring me to keep positive, he was sure looking  to get choked that night. I kept having visions of my hands wrapped around his neck. Mainly because I felt like I was being blindsided at the presentation. I felt that our agent didn’t have our best interests at heart and it started to really fester inside me. The last and final offer was 2 hours late! by then I had thrown in the towel and I managed to gather what pride I had left and left the table. Once the agent arrived and presented their offer they had one issue that was keeping them from offering a higher price. It was the hydro field that was next to the house, the potential buyers were worried about the chances of being exposed to EMF(electric magnetic fields) 

Now EMF was something that I had never heard of until the house was placed on the market. It wasn’t something that our agents weren’t familiar with either but it was a common issue among the 40 + plus people  had when the came to view the home. It was one of the reasons why the viewing traffic was so low, it was also the main reason why we had only received 3 lame offers which all ended up falling through. So here we are back at square one with no offers on the table. The thoughts that went through our heads was enough to drive you legally insane.

We felt defeated and insulted, the agent also felt defeated because this was not in his game plan when it came to selling our home. Here we were now trying to figure out the next steps to approach the sale of the house. Do we continue with the process or throw in the towel and go back to living our lives in the home we loved for the past 7 years. Collectively we agreed to keep going, we then decided maybe we should do some cosmetic upgrades to take the heat off the fact that we lived next to a hydro field by doing hardwood and neutral painting to brighten up the home. As well as finding a better home stager.

That meant more money to be spent in a home that is considered a starter home, a home that didn’t need all this work we were about to do, a home that wasn’t the problem. More stress to deal with that wasn’t in the fine print when we agreed We’re Moving

Stay tuned for Part 3

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