Think Pink: Anti Bullying #pinkshirtday

On the lips:
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On February 25th it was Anti Bullying day, an issue that is very dear to my heart. Being bullied for the colour of my skin back in elementary was the hardest thing to go through. I experienced it from all angles, from fellow students right down to the various teachers that I came to rely on during the school day. Not only that, watching my oldest daughter being bullied in school for a number of years for being the new girl.
Bullying is something that has become a norm in society one that every person is guilty of at some point. It can be as small as disagreeing with someones personal thoughts and beliefs and giving them a hard time about it. Or it can be as big as cyber bullying, which I see on a regular basis even in the Beauty Blogging community believe it or not.
So on Wednesday the day was dedicated to raising awareness on bullying by wear the colour pink. Any shade of pink you have! Being the beauty junkie that I am I decided to wear a pink lip to show my support and to speak out against all types of bullying. mainly because bullying does so much damage beyond repair to people that it can lead to emotional and physical harm.
Now the story behind wearing Pink on February 25th started in Nova Scotia where a boy was made fun of for wearing a pink shirt to school. So two boys decided to protest against this cruel act and started a protest by wearing pink shirts to school. The two boys went to a discount store and bought all the pink shirts they could and gave them out to other guys at school to join in the protest. That is where history began.

What do you think of Pink Shirt Day? Have you ever been bullied? Let me know your story in the comments below! and don’t foget to click the check to get notification of my replies.

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