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Summer Splashin’ Part 3 at Calypso Theme Water Park


Summer Splashin' Part 3 at Calypso Theme Water Park

Summer Splashin’ Part 3 at Calypso Theme Water Park

Summer is officially over. But before I let it go I wanted to share with you our most memorable trip this summer. Summer Splashin’ Part 3 at Calypso Theme Water Park located East of outside of Ottawa in Limoges. It is the biggest Canadian themed water park that sits on 100 Acres of land. Calypso theme water park has the largest wave pool, amazing rides, and the best whitewater experience I ever encountered. Not forgetting to mention the biggest water slides I have ever seen and been on!

Summer Splashin' Part 3 at Calypso Theme Water Park

We decided to stay the night in Ottawa since the kids have never been there and they loved it. We stayed at the Holiday Inn located right across from the St Laurent Mall. We visited Byward Market which is in the lower part of the business and government district in Ottawa. The layout of the market is much like an open concept where you can easily access stores from an “open air” feel. For me that was the most exciting part of the trip. I was able to roam around and really take in my surroundings. Which were absolutely stunning.




Oh and I enjoyed a Beaver Tail. If you unfamiliar with this fried dough delicacy( thats what I call it) it originated in Killaloe Ontario in 1978. Then a few years later Beaver tail opened it’s first permanent store in Ottawa. So eating a Beaver Tail was the cool thing to do while visiting Ottawa.


A Canadian Creation, A National Emblem becomes a Popular Treat


Calypso Theme Water Park


We arrived at the Water Park just after noon and got ourselves set up to hit the water. It was such an amazing experience. The slides were so exhilarating, I felt like a kid again. The Wave pool reminded me of a Water Park I use to visit as a kid. The kids zone area felt like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. The kids were in complete amazement when we arrived. We played a little prank on them making them thinking we were just going to hang at the hotel pool.





The highlight of the day were all the different water slides. I cannot swim and I was really uneasy going on the slides. Waiting in line felt like we were on top of a huge mountain because we were so high up. It made the anticipation build and my anxiety sky rocket. Since it was the kids first experience in a water park like this, it was a small sacrifice that I made that ended up being the best decision ever. The wave pool area was amazing, heated at 28 C the waves were powerful and really made for a fun time. It was just an amazing day and mini vacation for the family. That we will never forget.

What were some of your highlights you and your family enjoyed this summer? Let me know in the comments below.




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