Say Bye to Dry with Lisap Top Care Hydra Care for Perfectly Hydrated Hair

Say Bye to Dry with Lisap Top Care Hydra Care for Perfectly Hydrated Hair

Say Bye to Dry with Lisap Top Care Hydra Care for Perfectly Hydrated Hair


Everybody has their holy grail hair products that they swear by. Me on the other hand, I am still on the hunt for the perfect hair regime with the products too. I recently did a big chop getting rid of nearly waist length dread locs. Almost 9 years of growing my hair I finally decided that I needed a change, partly due to personal growth and medical reasons as well.

With that being said I needed a new system that would keep my hair really hydrated during the Winter months. Being that I have really dry hair, its hard to find products that quench the thirst of my naturally curly coils. I also shampoo my hair often which contributes to the damage of my hair, along with that when my hair was longer I experimented alot with colour. Not having enough moisture caused alot of breakage that I was not happy with.

I was recently sent a hair care system from Lisap’s Hydra Care line, this 4 part system has made a huge difference in the way my hair looks and feels since doing my big chop. The Lisap Hydra Care line was created for hair that is frequently washed, blow dried and straightened. Its purpose is to leave your hair softer and more manageable in terms of styling.

The Hydra Care line includes 4 major ingredients that help with nourishing my hair from root to tip.

Hydra Care Complex: A natural complex formulated to seal raised hair cuticles that have been damaged by repeated destructive treatments. Also contains quaternised Keratin that attaches directly to natural Keratin in the hair creating a noticeable conditioning and detangling effect.

Papyrus: Extracted from the stem of the Cyperus papyrus, it is rich in minerals, sugar and hydrating agents. It has a re-mineralising and revitalizing effect on damaged and weakened hair fibres.

Wakame: Japanese seaweed extract rich in vitamins and minerals that protects the integrity of the hair structure and combats hair stress. It has hydrating, softening and re-mineralising properties.

Ceramide A2: Strengthens and restores cellular cohesion to maximize the hair structure, leaving it stronger and more vibrant.

Now if you read my first post of 2017  looking and feeling great for this year is my focus. My hair is alot more healthy than it was before my huge chop. Its much softer and easy to comb since my curls are a little tighter with a shorter cut. I would definitely suggest this line for those looking to repair.

*Products in this post were sent for review. All opinions are mine based on my experience

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