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SST Cosmetics

I am always into trying new brands and supporting Canadian brands I think its important to give recognition to our own. A few weeks ago I was contacted by SST Cosmetics to try a few new products and I was eager to give a review.
SST Cosmetics was started by Sharon Sharpe- Titus who has 16 years as a professional makeup artist and an extensive background in formulation and colour selection. With those credentials SST Cosmetics was born. SST black label was launched in 2007 with the goal of creating a brand for spa’s and the salon industry that also put the health of  consumer and makeup artist first.
I received 4 items that I wanted to share with you today plus a makeup look at the end with a few of the products that I was sent.

Tinted Primer & Moisture Kick

Tinted Primer & Moisture Kick $47.94

A 3-in 1 formula that infuses the skin with moisture, it also evens out the skin by adding a hint of colour also diminishes the appearance of pores and other flaws of the skin. The Tinted Primer and Moisture kick contains Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Red seaweed extract, and tourmaline.
When I used this primer I loved the fact that you can wear it alone or under my foundation of choice. The consistency is on the thicker side because it does cover some flaws and filled in any pores that I have.

Power Stay Shadow Stick $33.90

The shadow stick is a combination of a shadow and can double as an eyeliner. It is a water based formula which is also waterproof. It is very long lasting, I was able to wear this without a primer underneath and also wore it to the gym just to really see how it held up during a work out and it really stayed put. The two shades that I received were #omg and water lily. #omg was a muted cement colour and Water Lily was a champagne shade that is perfect for an inner eye highlight to open up my eyes.

#XOXO Hydrating Lipstick

#XOXO Hydrating Lipstick $23.94

The hydrating lipsticks are a line that provide alot of moisture to the lips especially for those that have a dryer lip. It has great coverage and lasting power and it is infused with Grape seed oil, Cocoa butter and Vitamin E with my favourite scent of Vanilla. I really loved the lipstick the shade #xoxo is so pretty. Its a nude pink and perfect for everyday wear and it lasted for hours before I needed to re apply.

Overall I love the products that I was sent to try out, none of them disappointed me in anyway. However I know to some the cost of each item are a little on the expensive side but you have to remember these are what are known as “luxury” items. Items that you would use if you were having your makeup done at a Spa. They are not items that you can walk into a department store like Sephora. It takes away from the whole experience of being dolled up and feeling fabulous. What I will say is that for the price the products and quality are worth it. After alot of thought while typing my review I would purchase them because I know how well they work!

On the lips I am wearing #xoxo on the face I am wearing the Tinter Primer and Moisture Stick in skintone and on the eyes I am wearing the Power stay eyeshadow stick in #omg

* All products in the post were sent for review purposes

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