Review | Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation #33

Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation #33
20 ML/$30.00

Its been awhile since I bought a new foundation. I went into Sephora some time last week to check out the newness and I came across Sephora’s new foundation Teint Infusion Etheral Natural Finish Foundation geez what a long word for a foundation! Anyway I was intrigued at the fact that it reminded me alot of Cover fx’ Custom drops that just launched.

The Teint Infusion Etheral Natural Finish Foundation is a light weight foundation that is both hydrating and natural in finish. Its made to melt into the skin to give the most barely there finish and can range anywhere from light to full coverage depending on what you are looking for.
When I first applied it I used a flat top kabuki foundation brush and my first impression was a little scary because I applied to much. However as I blended it in I noticed how well it covered and how dewy and soft my skin looked. A little does go quite a long way I used about 3 drops to give me complete coverage. I will say that I wore this foundation and didn’t use a primer.
Not a good idea, it oxidizes very fast and went a little on the green side. Normally it takes 4-5 hours before a foundation oxidizes when I don’t wear a primer, however the Teint Infusion Etheral Natural Finish Foundation fell short in as little as 1 hour.

Now since this is a hydrating foundation its better for wearing during the Winter, however given that its a light weight barely there foundation I can’t wait to see how this holds up in the summer.

Research results: 
In a consumer test on 98 women for 18 days: 
– 75.5% found that the product melted flawlessly on their skin 
– 75.5% found that the product was so light that it felt as if they were wearing nothing after application 
– 81.6% found that this foundation visibly smoothed their complexion 
– 84.7% found that this foundation was long lasting
*results taken for

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