If you have been to the drugstore lately you must know L’Oreal has just launched their Infallible long wear collection which is includes many of the beauty must haves that women use on a regular basis. Today I want to share with you one of my fave in the Infallible collection. Its the Pro- Spray & Set makeup extender. Let me start of by saying I am in love with this setting spray. 
The Pro- Spray & Set makeup extender was inspired by pro makeup artist techniques to extend the wear of your makeup all day long and still keeping that fresh face look. The L’Oreal Pro- Spray & Set makeup extender has a patented transparent shield that is weightless and creates a veil over your makeup which keeps out environmental factors such as extreme heat and cold. With the Aloe in the setting spray this is extremely beneficial for the winter months when our skin is screaming for moisture and a soothing feeling.
To apply the Pro- Spray & Set makeup extender just hold the bottle arms width away and face the nozzle towards the face and spray in a X pattern, for those that have a more oilier skin you can spray in a T pattern to concentrate more on the T zone area. Since this is the first setting spray on the market for L’Oreal this setting spray is a pretty big deal and I can truly say that L’Oreal did a pretty darn good job of bringing out a quality setting spray at a fraction of the price of some other sprays on the Market. The Pro- Spray & Set makeup extender can be found at mass retailers for $16.99
My Thoughts:
As I said before I love this spray my daughter also loves it so much that I’m always on the hunt to get it back from her. I love how although it locks my makeup in, it doesn’t leave this film on my face nor does it have the scent of alcohol. I noticed that throughout the day of wearing the setting spray my face looked alot more polished as if I had just reapplied my makeup which is a plus for many ladies that tend to reapply throughout the day. I really love how smooth the mist is on the nozzle, it doesn’t soak my face with the product it sort of feels like a soft moist air being blown on your face. The cost of the spray is also very important for me because not only do I use setting sprays my 15 year old also uses them. Lets be honest $36 x 2 for setting spray is crazy! This will definitely be a repurchase for me!

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