REVIEW: e.l.f Hydrating Under Eye Primer

e.l.f Hydrating Under Eye Primer

Primers are essential when applying makeup. It helps it last longer and apply evenly. For the last couple months I have been using the e.l.f hydrating under eye primer and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. I purchased the under eye primer during the 50% off e.l.f sale for $3. The e.l.f hydrating under eye primer is infused with Vitamins C,E, Shea Butter and Aloe which conditions the skin to add extra moisture. It has a slight opalescent peach colour that helps diminish the appearance of darkness.

I wanted to love this primer, and I do love it but every time I have used it, it has burned my under eyes. It burned to the point where my eyes would slightly start to water. The product itself is amazing. It is very similar to the Smashbox under eye primer that I keep in  my kit. The consistency of the e.l.f hydrating under eye primer is beautiful its creamy enough with a little bit of tackiness so that when you apply concealer it can adhere to the primer and not move or crease.

With all the primers that I have tried for the under eyes which aren’t many the e.l.f hydrating under eye primer stood up and performed the best out of all I have tried. Being that its worked so well I will be giving it another try because I enjoyed it so much minus the burning. When I did wear it I got a good 6-7 hours before I saw any sort of movement from my concealer. As opposed the my other eye without primer it immediately started to crease. So for me this would be a repurchase.

Have you tried this under eye primer before? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below.

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