REVIEW | Degree MotionSense Dry Spray for Women :Shower Clean

Degree Motionsense Dry Spray for Women :Shower Clean

I was on the hunt for a new deodorant and while watching one of my TV shows I came across Degree‘s new motion sense dry sprays. I normally change the type and brand of deodorant I wear around 3 times a year. Reason being, I don’t want my body to get use to using certain types and then it becomes ineffective.

Over the years I have used Degree products and I have been quite happy with them so I was eager to try out their new dry spray. For the past 2 weeks that I have been using it, I did notice that it did keep me much drier than a normal stick or gel does and the lasting fresh scent went will into  the next day. For reviewing purposes I went as far as skipping my shower for 2 days (eww I know but I had to) and I was still dry and the fresh clean scent was still very noticeable. Now for the actual feel of the product upon spraying it was very dry but I will add that there was a cloud of “powdered smoke” around me after I sprayed leaving a haze in the bathroom and went as far as making me cough a bit, with that being said my suggestion would be to apply it in a well open area rather than the bathroom. I also noticed that spraying one area for too long led to the product rolling into little balls under my armpits, as well not shaking the can properly lead to a high saturation of product in one area. Another great tip shake VERY well! The spray is definitely a dry spray there is no residue when I wipe my fingers along my armpits provided I didn’t spray too much in one spot and I gave it a good shake. Another reason that I really liked the dry spray is that after the shower it didn’t leave back a residue that I often experience with a solid which is another reason why I change my deodorant formulas often.

Overall I enjoyed the new concept I would only change the two issues that I stated above and you have a perfect dry spray. Would I buy this again? YES! now that I know how to use it properly. Is it worth the price $5 ? Probably not, but most products that have just launched tend to be higher in price and then they drop.

Have you tried Dry sprays? What are your thoughts on them?

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