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Positive Female Roles For Girls and Children on Netflix #streamteam


Positive Female Roles For Girls and Children on Netflix #streamteam

At a very young age my mom had always told my siblings and I, more specifically my sister and I that we could be anything we wanted to be. No matter how big or how hard it was to achieve because as women we are strong enough to achieve them. My mom also said that just because we were women doesn’t mean we had to spend our days in the kitchen and that we needed to get out in the world use our imagination and have fun. Growing up watching television one of my favourite shows to watch was Xena Warrior Princess. She was a total inspiration and watching the strength and power she exuded I knew that I wanted to be just like her.

Now that I have 3 kids of my own 2 of them being girls I pride myself on what I have taught them in terms of being a woman and just how strong we are. I have always taught them to be leaders, to be individuals that stand out amongst a crowd and not to conform to society’s “norm” In doing so, I have raised two girls who are full of tenacity, they are fearless, a little bossy as well as full of confidence. I have taught them that women are nurturers and we are made to love everyone as they love themselves. Having a Son I cannot exclude him on the importance of women and how to treat a woman as well as the importance of not falling into stereotypical habits pertaining to women.  

My children watch a variety of shows that show females in a diverse light where they are strong, fearless,beautiful and smart. Here are a few shows that are worth checking out on Netflix

Julie’s Greenroom: Brought to life by the Jim Henson Company, the enriching show advocates for the arts and the positive impact creativity can have on every child’s life.

Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh : A misfit alien named Oh conquers Earth, befriends an adventurous teen girl named Tip and together they save the day? Oh moves in with Tip and her human family and finally discovers the true meaning of home.

Positive Female Roles For Girls and Children on Netflix #streamteam

Like Tip, my youngest daughter is an adventurous free spirit out the save the day during play time. She is well aware in the power of the imagination and how creative  you can be with it. I love that she knows that the possibilities are endless when it comes to achieving her goals. Other shows such as Lego Friends, Project Mc2 and many more are all shows that uplift our girls and boys too to be the best they can be.

What are your favourite shows to watch on Netflix that show women in positive roles?

 Studies have shown that girls as young as six are influenced by gender stereotypes, and that role models from the entertainment they choose can have a lasting effect. Rest assured, Netflix is home to girls who mean business and that’s something all kids can get behind! Whether it’s Violet’squick wit, Elena’s activist mentality, or Deidra & Laney’s unorthodox thinking, there’s something for every girl to relate to. Strong female characters aren’t just important for girls, boys are also growing up with Eleven saving the crew and Tip showing that true friendship knows no bounds.

*as part of the Netflix #streamteam all opinions in this post are honest based on my experience.

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