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Today’s post I am sharing  a DIY project that my Husband and I worked on a little while ago. For those that are new to my blogging you may not know but this past summer My family and I moved into a new home. Now being that it wasn’t a brand new house there are a few renovations such as Painting a Brick Fire Place that we are  currently doing to make this house our home. We have always wanted a Fireplace in our home and were super excited to revamp it. I was not a fan of the Original brick colour and I wanted something that matched the decor of the family room where the Fireplace is located. Since the color scheme of the Family room is a Cool Grey on the walls, Dark Gray seating,  Dark Blue window fixtures with White Furniture. It only made sense for the Fireplace to be White.

Now since we are new to the whole Fireplace experience we did google the best ways to maintain a Fireplace before we prepared to paint it. The whole process took about 2.5 hours which I will list below what we did, this includes thoroughly cleaning the exterior of the fireplace and preparing the materials to paint. Overall it was an easy project to complete and it added alot of character to the Family room. Below are a few easy steps to get you ready for transforming your Brick Fireplace. Enjoy!


Step:1 Make sure you have the right Material. When we researched the care of a Fireplace we noticed that certain material doesn’t respond well to paint so its important to know what exactly you want to do, what colour you want to paint and most importantly the finish of the paint and primer it will require to complete the project.

Step 2: Clean! Cleaning is an essential part to preparing to paint. That is because the paint and primer need a clean surface to adhere and stick to. If not the paint colour can be compromised. We used a scrubbing brush we got from the dollar store with a bucket of soapy water, we also used a broom and vacuum to sweep up and dirt and soot left back from the previous owners.  Then we taped off the mantle and the sides of the wall that we didn’t want to paint

Step 3: Priming this step is optional. Because of how our fireplace is built there was very little soot on the outside of the fireplace. Normally you would need an oil based primer which would protect your paint from soot and dust stains and its easier to clean. We did not prime our fireplace.

Step 4: Time for Painting! Now that the primer is fully dried its time to paint.  We choose a latex eggshell as a base which is also flat, the reason for this is because you need a paint that can be able to stand high temperatures. Use a roller for the big spaces and a paint brush for the spaces that are left unpainted. If needed apply another coat. Let dry and Enjoy!

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