Top 5 Nude Polishes for Fall 2014

    Top 5 Nude Polishes for Fall 2014

    With Fall finally here I wanted to share with all my readers some of my favourite Nude polishes that I will be wearing this season. Nude Polishes have been a hit this season as well as last season. There is nothing like a great nude polish. It looks so chic and it makes your nails look longer and fingers look similar. I’m all for slim fingers. Anyway it was hard to choose my top 5 colours so I narrowed down my choices based on how they wore, how they applied, and how long they took to dry. All of my nude choices were also based on the undertone of the nude. I tried to select nudes that would be suitable for all skin tones in order for them to be flattering on the nails. All of the swatches done were done in two coats. As I mentioned before they didn’t take long to dry either.

    Revlon’s Rose Beige– Is exactly what the name says its more of a rose pink nude that can be paired with just about anything.
    Eva’s Nude– Is a yellow toned nude with a subtle shimmer that you can see in the bottle, however it would take more than two coats in application in order to pick up the shimmer
    Greyt Expectations– is a cool grey toned nude. One of my faves and perfect for a night our manicure
    Julianne’s Nude- is a deeper rose beige with a slight orange undertone
    Doutzen’s Nude- is a cooler nude pinkish grey.

    So that wraps up my favourite nude for the fall. I would love to know what some of yours are let me know in the comments below

    swatches of Top 5 Nude Polishes for Fall 2014


    Lime Crime Veletine in Salem

    Lime Crime Veletine in Salem
    I recently placed an order with Lime Crime after seeing the perfect “nude” colour for Fall. I am a lover of liquid lipsticks so I was very anxious to get my hands on Lime Crimes Velvetines. The colour I ordered is called Salem which is described as a Matte Chocolate brown. Being that I own alot of liquid lipsticks from various brands I know what I like and how I want them to feel. Salem was an exact dupe in regards to texture, dry time and smell from brands such as Stila’s stay all day lip colour,  Kat Von D’s lip stains as well as Sephora’s lipstains. I really loved how this Velvetine applied. It lasted well over 6 hrs with eating and drinking before I touched up the inner part of my bottom lip and my lips did not feel dry in the least bit when I removed it 11hrs later. The removal process was super easy too. Although it was non-transferable when I removed it with a tissue it came off with such ease. Now because of the price $20.00 I’m not so sure I would purchase anymore only because I found it to be rather expensive for a stain that it not a “name brand” per say. However if there was ever a sale I would certainly scoop up quite a few. The shipping took almost 2 weeks only because I am in Canada, the plus side of that is I received a USPS tracking number so I was able to track where my parcel was.
    What are your favourite Lime Crime items? Let me know in the comments below
    Swatch of Lime Crime Veletine in Salem


    Women of colour Makeup for Engagement Photos

    Today I had a client come in to have her makeup done for her outdoor engagement photos. As you can see shes extremely beautiful and didn’t need alot of work to look glam. For her day to day makeup routine there isn’t much that she does ( she really doesn’t need to anyway) so we decided on a look that would just compliment her beautiful features. To complete her look I used Urban Decay’s Naked 1 and Lorac’s Pro Palette.
    For complexion apply Make Up For Ever’s HD foundation the traditional way using a beauty blender sponge. As well I mixed up a custom lip colour to enhance her natural lip colour.

    If you are in the Toronto Area and are getting married or even just a night out you can check out my professinal website with a list of all information.



    Colour Pop Cosmetics LOTD using Slave2pink, Fantasy & Too Shy

    Hey guys! man its been a long time since I did an LOTD for you, especially because this is a beauty blog. Anyway if you seen a few posts back I ordered some lovely shadows from ColourPop Cosmetics and I finally got around to playing with them last night. I really loved the outcome of the look. I will be honest I was a little scared at first to use “cream to powder” shadows but it worked out perfectly. As usual all products used are below. Happy Monday and have an awesome week!

    Maybelline Fit Me Foundation #330
    La Girl concealer Cool Tan
    Milani blush Rose D’oro
    MAC Cosmetics Blush in Blunt( to contour)
    MAC Cometics Magnetic Appeal extra-dimension-skinfinish

    NYX Jumbo Pencil in purple
    Colour Pop Cosmetics shocking shadows in  Slave2pink (crease and lower lashline), Fantasy (lid and lower lashline) & Too Shy (inner tear duct)
    Red Cherry #747L lashes
    MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow in Tete et tint(transition colour & Brow highlight), Brown Down (crease), Saddle(crease) & Shroom (brow highlight)

    Urban Decay lip liner in Wallflower
    Maybelline Colorsational the Buffs lipstick #945
    Lancome Juicy Tube gloss in juicy pop


    Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex| Every woman needs Chemistry….. Hand Chemistry that is!

    Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex
    100ml/ $19.99

    Being a Wife and Stay at home mom, you will catch my hands more than likely submerged in a sick of water, mopping, cleaning a toilet, sink, mirrors, cooking or laundry most of the time. With that being said you can imagine the wear and tear my hands go through on a regular basis. From dry cuticles, cracked dry skin or broken nails. Being that I hate all of those things that my job description side effects I call them entail. I am always on a hunt for a hand cream that will provide my hands with the proper repairing quality that they need. 
    For the last couple of weeks I have been reviewing a Hand Cream that is worth the buzz.

    Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex

    Hand Chemistry prides itself on focusing a multi-functional skincare with a great focus on hands. Next the the face, hands are another important part of our everyday living. We communicate alot with our hands and given that they are a visible factor in society we must also take note the importance in proper care for our hands.  Hand Chemistry uses the very latest active ingredients at the highest levels they can, to give the hands an extraordinary results in 11 days or less. There is a 19.5% active complex concentration in the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex which gives the ability to target 8 signs of ageing in the hands such as firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, texture, brightness, smoothness and most importantly hydration. Which again goes back to my earlier statement about our hands being an important factor in communicating so we have to have proper care in hand…. literally. Also these are signs that we spends hundreds on to fight for our face, why not do it for the hands as well.
    Hand Chemistry also contains a biotechnological derivative of mushrooms which is said to be 400x more hydrating than hyluronic acid. Along with biological GHK added, it also decreases the depth of wrinkled hands by 15% in 15 days which is awesome for me. Mainly because all the women in my family start to age in their hands first before anywhere else. As for the moisture factor it can be increased by 11% in 12 hours 21% in one day and 32% in a month from the Algea ferment included. To keep the moisture that most hand cream often lose after a few minutes of wear Hand Chemistry has also added in addition to all the other great ingredients Sacha Inchi oil and Maize Propanedial to create a barrier for the skin to hold in new moisture.


    For the last two weeks my hands have been in heaven. Not only are they brighter, they feel more alive. After 2 days of usage I noticed a big difference on how my hands felt after being in water. They felt less dry and cracked and I didn’t experience anymore dry cuticles. I actually didn’t have to result to using excessive amounts of cuticle oils like I was doing before. After a week of use I found that I didn’t have to reach for cream to “top up” the usage due to it absorbing and disappearing to fast. Now that I am at the two week mark, I have even noticed that my nail beds look brighter, as well my husband even complemented me on how soft my hands are. I have even secretly put some on the heels of my feet…. IT WORKED! Would I purchase this on my own as a staple Of course! and you should too. The Hand Chemistry line is exclusive to shoppers drug  mart for $19.99 and worth every penny! 
    Check out more from Hand Chemistry HERE


    Colour Pop Cosmetics| Super Shocking High Color, Cruelty Free, Wallet Friendly A must Have!

    colour pop cosmetics shadows
    Hey guys! Let me start of by saying you need these shadows ASAP! Let me tell you a little fact about me. Instagram is my online shopping friend! I discovered Colour Pop Cosmetics about 2 months ago. I was so mesmerized with the swatches that I finally caved and picked up a few of them. All I have to say is WOW! They are like Candy. They’re the most pigmented eye shadows that I have ever seen in my life, you know I also let my readers know of the pigmentation in beauty products because it is extremely important to me.
    Now getting back to the amazingness at hand. COLOUR POP yes they certainly do pop. If you are looking for vivid ultra pigmented looks these are definitely your go to. They are a cream to powder finish, they blend seamlessly and once they set the don’t budge. Even after swatching and removing with a baby wipe the colour was still quite visible on my arm. There are about 55 colours witha quilted weave on top to choose from which includes
    They are considered to be pressed pigments, some not suitable for the eyes(just to cover the companies butt) because I have seen quite a few looks with the colours not approved for the eyes. Being that they are pressed, they are very smooth in texture more like a cream. It is recommended to use your fingers or a very dense flat brush to pack the colour on the lid and a fluffy crease brush to diffuse the harsh line. You get about 0.07 oz of product which will last you quite awhile because of the high saturation of colour you don’t need a lot. The packaging is super chic, even the box I received them in was cute. The Colour Pop team also sends along with your order a personalized note to thank you for shopping with them. Here is the best part, you would think after all the good things I have mentioned about Colour Pop that these shadows would cost alot right? Well no! they’re on $5 yes that is it!! you are getting quality makeup for a cost friendly price. With my order I was also able to pick their new Lippie Stix and liner that they were pre launching


    The first thing that I would like to talk about it how user friendly the website is. It was easy to navigate, everything was broken down into groups to aid in a speedy and efficient shopping experience. At the time that I placed my order there was a special going on where you were sent 2 free lip products from their new line of liner and lipsticks that they were going to carry in the weeks ahead. Knowing this made me even more eager to place an order. Once I was finished picking my items and I was ready to check out I was on the hunt for the option to pick my 2 free lip products. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it so I pretty much just gave up and completed my transaction. Once I received a confirmation email, I was then sent another email telling me to pick 2 free lip items one lipstick and the liner to match the makeup gods were watching! Cuz they know how much I love lip products. I placed my order a few days into the month and I received it about 2 weeks and a few days later. It was kind of a long shipping process but I would assume that it was due to the fact that it was coming to a Canadian address.
    All my products were packaging in sturdy packaging with care along with a thank you note as I mentioned before. I was very satisfied with everything that I purchased as well. As far as the performance on the shadows I haven’t done any looks with them yet. But so far the swatches alone speak loud for me. They didn’t budge, all swatches were done without a primer too just to show how pigmented they are. Now I have heard that not all colours in the line carry the same colour pay off consistency but for the ones that I chose I would say that the only one that I have a tid bit of trouble with or could potentially need a little work is NONE lol I am completely happy with my choices.  If I could advise of one thing with the Colour Pop shadows is to close the caps tightly after use to avoid drying out and try not to drop them on a hard surface. As I was preparing this post to share with you all, I dropped too shy and it did start to separate from the edges of the pan. Would I buy these again? Yes! Would I recommend them? I sure would! for $5 you cannot go wrong. To check out more awesome colours that the Color Pop crew has to offer check out their website here
    colour pop cosmetics slave2pink, game face, bae, too shy shamelss, fantasy, mooning,lace
    0.07oz/ $5
    Left -Right
    slave2pink, game face, bae, too shy
    shamelss, fantasy, mooning,lace
    colour pop cosmetics slave2pink, game face, bae, too shy shamelss, fantasy, mooning,lace

    colour pop cosmetics slave2pink, game face, bae, too shy shamelss, fantasy, mooning,lace

    colour pop cosmetics shadow swatches in slave2pink, game face, bae, too shy shamelss, fantasy, mooning,lace
    colour pop cosmetics lippie stix and lippie liner in grind
    Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil in Grind

    colour pop cosmetics lippie stix and lippie liner swatch in grind


    Introducing Tweezerman Brush IQ + Giveaway Open to Canadians

    Over the summer I attended a Christmas in July event where a number of different items that will launch over the next few months were showcased. One of the launches that I was really excited for was from the tweezerman line. Now the world knows that Tweerzerman is known for the phenomenal performance of the tweezers. They will be launching their Brush IQ line in October, which is a line of 12 brushes that are crafted with patented technology and exceptional quality just like Tweezerman Tweezers.
    The Tweezerman Brush IQ line is made with DuPont Filaments which feel like natural hair but perform better than Natural hair.

    The 12 Brush IQ brushes within this line are 

    Brow Brush
    Finishing Contour Brush
    Blush Brush
    Powder Brush
    Foundation Brushes 

    • Flat top
    • Pointed
    • Foundation Brush
    Concealer Brushes
    • Pointed
    • Contour
    Shader Brush
    Line glider brush
    Blender Brush
     Tweezerman Brush IQ pointed concealer brush
    I was sent the pointed concealer brush which is amazing for applying concealer precisely. I like to apply the concealer with this brush right at the outer corners of my eyes to cleaner up liner and make the cat eye look more exaggerated and perfect. The pointed concealer brush is also perfect for concealing hard to cover blemishes because I was able to apply concealer using the point of the brush where I am able to pack the product on without it looking cakey.
    The brush itself is very sturdy and the bristles did shed at all during the first wash I definitely plan to pick up the rest of the line to add to my personal stash as well as my kit. the range price wise isn’t bad either. You can check out for more info on the Brush IQ line. In the meantime I wanted to hold a giveaway for a pointed concealer brush just for one lucky person to experience how amazing the Brush IQ line is. As usual follow the instructions to enter. Good Luck