Not enough Jesus stirs up controversy for Starbucks holiday cup

Starbucks holiday cup

Starbucks is one of the number one leading giants in the world for serving Coffee. With special trained Baristas and a lengthy menu to choose from its enough to confuse any newbie to the world of gourmet coffee.

So when this years holiday cups appeared it stirred up quite the controversy around the nation. The Cranberry red coloured Ombre cup with the company’s logo, has been a shock to some who are use to the Winter/Holiday themed designs since it was originally launched back in the late 90’s. Some consumers have gone as far as to make claims that the plain red cups are a “War on Christmas” and the true meaning of the season. Some have also made claims that Starbucks hates Jesus.

To go further on this topic a former television and radio evangelist has also made it aware that he knows the coffee giant wanted to take Christmas off their cups and that’s why they are completely Red. Starbucks on the other hand says the reason for the Red cups this year is to allow consumers the chance to decorate their cups, as they do on the plain White ones, which they have been doing for years.

Here are my thoughts on this subject blowing around in the media and I would love to hear your thoughts as well. Keeping in mind this blog is a positive space to voice my opinions as well as my readers opinions. As I was saying, to me the Red cups still signify the holiday season whether they are decorative or not; does not identify the true meaning of Christmas, Christianity or Jesus for that matter. Instead its just another consumer tactic to raise the buzz around about the new holiday cups and convince consumers to buy more of the product for higher sales. Like the saying goes “bad publicity is better than none at all” and in this case it’s deems to be true.

What I will say is that being a Christian myself, the meaning of Christmas is something that no material item used to make money should ever be compared to. Instead, we as Christians use the holiday season to invite communities and connect with them to show and articulate the true meaning of the birth of Jesus.

Since we live in a politically correct society do you see an issue with the decorative free cup?

Do you think that Starbucks standing by their slogan of belonging, inclusion and diversity has any relevance with their decision on how the holiday cups are presented? or was this just a way to create consumer buzz?

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