National Sandwich Day

National Sandwich Day

With today being National Sandwich day, as a consumer I never really cared or understood why there are so many “national” holidays to promote a discount or product. To me it is just another means of getting me to spend money I don’t need to. I woke up this morning after a nights sleep of dreaming and contemplating if I was going to be suckered into a Conundrum of why I should or shouldn’t go to Subway today. Especially with all of the Buzz around the former Subway spokes person and the unsettling acts he has done. The thought of spending money to buy one and get one free, then ingesting it, made me sick to the stomach all together.

So I came up with a perfect solution! I was going to save my money and my stomach and make my own sandwich to celebrate. I mean don’t get me wrong the thought of purchasing one sub and getting one free sounded like a dream come true. That would mean I could potentially buy 2 subs and go home with 4, which means I wouldn’t have to cook dinner today. That alone sounds like a priceless moment!

Anyway then I thought to myself, there has to be a catch to this “National” Day of robbery….. And yes I was right. Yes you buy one get one free, but you also have to purchase a 30 oz fountain drink which makes you spend about $2 more firstly, secondly, I didn’t really need the added sugar to go along with the carb filled bread I would be eating too. WHAT GIVES!

Just around noon time I went into the kitchen to see what I could make that would be free for the pockets and light on the carbs. I will say it was a successful tasks. It was delicious and healthier than I could have ever asked for. I ended up making Croissant-wiches with aged white cheddar and seasoned Roast Beef sliced, with a bottle of water. It was a great light lunch and I didn’t feel like a slug after.

Now I am not saying that “National” days are a waste of time but sometimes we as consumers have to look at the brighter picture of the situations.

Thanks for reading!

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