My Top 8 Gift Ideas For Millennial Coffee Lovers Under $100

My Top 8 Gift Ideas For Millennial Coffee Lovers Under $100

My Top 8 Gift Ideas For Millennial Coffee Lovers Under $100

Well now that school is back in order the next item of my long list of to-do`s is to start compiling gift guides to share with you all for the upcoming holiday season. Coffee has become one of those can`t live without it distractions that seem to make everything that goes wrong more bearable to deal with. Or for the Millennials its one of those trends that happen to be the cool thing to do even if you don`t like coffee. For me, I am a huge coffee lover, the thought, and aroma of coffee beans or more specifically the sweet smell of french pressed coffee always seems to open my soul up to a realm of calmness that I never knew existed after a long days work. So if you are a coffee lover like me stick around to see my top 8 gift ideas for Millennial coffee lovers for under $100.

I get really excited when I make a cup of coffee lately my favourite thing to do is to collect cute coffee mugs with saying related to my love for it. Recently, while shopping online on Amazon of course I decided to take a peek at the mugs they have and died of laughter at some of the sayings that I saw. Usually gifting ideas for coffee lovers can be pretty boring, we pick up a gift card from their favourite place to get coffee stick it in a mug and ta-dah!!!! you have a gift. With the gift ideas you are about to see not only are they a little more creative but you can actually see that you have put a little more thought in getting something for that special someone. 

I really hope you enjoy this list and find some coffee treasures for you and your coffee obsessed friend or family member to be smitten over as well.


My Top 8 Gift Ideas For Millennial Coffee Lovers Under $100

My Top 8 Gift Ideas For Millennial Coffee Lovers Under $100

coffee mug 


french press

bean box

coffee grinder 

mug warmer


Keurig coffee maker


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  • Reply christine

    I’m a bit too old to be considered millennial but I would gladly take any of these gifts.

    04/09/2017 at 10:18 pm
  • Reply Joline

    I am neither a millennial or a big coffee drinker (more a tea fan) but I’m loving these! What a cute mug! And that necklace is so dainty and pretty.

    05/09/2017 at 2:51 pm
  • Reply Neely Moldovan (@Neelykins)

    These would make great gifts for ME! Hahaha! I love that mug so much! Also I live by my keurig!

    05/09/2017 at 3:07 pm
  • Reply Liz Mays

    I think my daughter would really enjoy something like the mug warmer. Gifts like that would last a long time too.

    05/09/2017 at 3:25 pm
  • Reply Heather Johnson

    I was born in 1985, so I think I am still a millennial. I am all about coffee! I love the t-shirt!

    05/09/2017 at 4:11 pm
  • Reply Jennifer

    Gen-Xer here (we are the predecessors) Yep, I have a Keurig too, not that one shown but the much smaller compact size. It works great and perfect since my husband doesn;t have any interest in coffee….

    And Heather, I think the birth year cutoff for Gen-X is 1982 so yes I think you’d be a millennial!

    05/09/2017 at 7:27 pm
  • Reply eastcoasterlifestyle

    These are some great products. The must and t-shirt are my favorite.

    05/09/2017 at 10:53 pm
  • Reply Debbie Savage

    It is quite amazing all of the fun finds related to coffee! The necklace is so fabulous! You know I have never had a drop of coffee in my life.

    06/09/2017 at 12:25 am
  • Reply toastycritic

    I definitely would like the Keurig maker. I know that I have a fake one at home, but its just not the same. Keurig is so much better than it. Thanks for the great idea gift ideas, even for a Gen Xer like me.

    06/09/2017 at 4:22 am
  • Reply Annemarie LeBlanc

    I would love to have that mug warmer. There are so many times that I pour myself a cup and forget it then I have to reheat it in the microwave and forget it again. A mug warmer would be my new best buddy!

    06/09/2017 at 5:08 am
  • Reply thebrunettebabedotcom

    Ah such a great selection! I love all but I would specifically love 1, 2 and 6 🙂

    06/09/2017 at 8:30 am
  • Reply Courtney

    Ooo so many fabulous gift ideas!!! I love that shirt! Totally need one for myself lol

    06/09/2017 at 10:56 pm
  • Reply Torche' Nash

    These would make really great gifts! I am a coffee lover too and not only do I love receiving amazing coffee inspired gifts, I love giving them away as well. Thanks for these amazing finds!

    08/09/2017 at 9:38 am
  • Reply Jill

    I have the same grinder , it was a gift and I love it. Also coffee warmers can be used to melt candles and not worrying about having an open flame.

    10/09/2017 at 8:51 am
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