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My Summer Hacks For Entertaining Without Breaking The Bank


My Summer Hacks For Entertaining Without Breaking The Bank

Whether you invite the girls over to fire up the BBQ and hang out munching on your favourite foods or you prefer some great appetizers and Wine it can get quite costly very fast. Not only that it can sometimes be a bit stressful figuring out what to eat, what to drink, who to invite and weather permitting, space you will be entertaining in. My birthday was a few days ago and while I was getting my to-do lists together for my special day I thought to myself these tips that I follow would be so helpful for someone else thinking about Summer entertainment this year. Today I am sharing My Summer Hacks For Entertaining Without Breaking The Bank.

I use these tips for birthday parties, and holiday dinners when I am hosting them in my home. They have saved me on many occasions where I felt like I was running out of time and money. I mean who doesn’t like entertaining in style? I know I do, but to be honest I don’t like spending a whole tonne of money doing it. My friends over at Montes Wine are showing Canadians that it is possible to host on a budget and I am sharing a couple of their favourites along with my tips for a memorable evening.

My Tips: 

  1. Have a budget: Deciding on what you want is so important when you have a budget in mind. Make a list of what you need shop around and price match. On average you would probably save at least $100
  2. The Red Cup: I know how horrible those Red cups look, but make it a fun get together and get your guest involved in decorating their own personalized cup at a DIY decoration centre.  First, it will save you time searching for Johnny’s lost cup and it will also cut down the costs of how many cups you need too.
  3. Ice Melting too fast: An amazing way I keep drinks cold without purchasing ice for it to melt is filling water balloons the night before and freezing them they stay frozen and the drinks stay cold for hours.

Montes Tips:

  1. Appetizer Potluck: There is nothing easier than a potluck. Aside from the fact you are not responsible for making every single dish. It’s a great way to get your guests involved in making this evening a memorable one without you having to spend a lot of money. Everyone loves the essentials for making tasty spreads like cheeses, pate’s, nuts, crackers, and Wine of course.
  2. Avocado: Montes is a Chilean wine producer so you cannot forget the avocado! a simple dish that is easy and delicious to make smash some avocado in a bowl with lime juice salt and pepper spread on crackers then serve!
  3. Don’t forget the Wine! : You don’t have to spend tremendous amounts of money on wine. A tasty option for lovers is the Montes spring harvest sauvignon blanc 2016 and the Montes Reserva 2014 is only $12.95 for white and $14.95 for Red. If you really want to take it up a notch Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon is at a price tag of $19.95

So to kick you Summer into full swing, my friends at Montes and I will be hosting a giveaway for you to win 2 bottles of Montes wine. Follow the instructions below. This giveaway is only open to Canadians and will close on July 30th 11:59 PM EST





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