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My Cinema Light Box Mini Light Box Review

My Cinema Light Box Mini Light Box Review

My Cinema Light Box Mini Light Box Review


Marquee Light Boxes have been a very popular among social media platforms. If you’re like me, during my down time when the kids have gone to bed I spend hours scrolling through instagram in particular for inspiration, recipes and different clothing trends. For the longest time I have wanted a light box of my own to add to my personal space at home, whether it be in my Bedroom on my night stand, In the family room propped on the coffee table or block shelves and even sometimes making an appearance in a blog or instagram post. The My Cinema Light Box is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your decor.




When I first decided that I wanted a light box I was really flabbergasted at how expensive they can be not just for the box itself but for the interchangeable letters and symbols too.  The My Cinema Light Box comes in 4 variations to chose from, the Original size, mini, extra large and vintage. I was able to review the mini size which is the perfect size for everyday use or if you are looking to showcase it in a smaller area. The My Cinema Light Box is battery operated as well you can plug it is using a 9V micro adapter so if you forget your light on you don’t have to worry about the batteries dying. The mini my cinema light box is $29.99 USD which is a great price compared to some that I have seen that can range anywhere from $50-$100 the shipping fees are good to because let’s be clear depending on where you live shipping can be sometimes more than the product itself. My cinema light box provides free shipping for orders over $55.IMG_3545


Inside of my cinema light box package come the light box with a mix of a 100 letters(full abc’s) numbers and symbols to play around with the possibilities are endless. I am totally looking foward to using it for the holiday seasons and other special events like birthday that will be happening over the next little while.

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