Motivation Monday| Be That Clarity


Motivation Monday| Be That Clarity

Motivation Monday| Be That Clarity

Happy Monday Friends! Hope you have a great weekend! Mine was spent laying around on the couch and in bed fighting a little stomach bug. So instead I took the opportunity to reflect on the weekend before. If you follow me on Intagram I had posted a picture of cabin lodging. My husband and I had attended a Marriage conference 2 hrs North of where I live at a place called Blue Mountain

Such a beautiful place, I was able to see the first snow fall of the season too. It was a much needed getaway with hubby, we were able to relax and reconnect without the kids. Now that its Monday I still feel a little under the weather. Which has me feeling so unmotivated to do anything productive. I am tired, my head and stomach still hurts and its cold outside. I don’t know what it is about Monday’s why its so hard to get the day started. Maybe its just the thought of the weekend ending, it instantly puts you in this “I don’t wanna” mood. When I started working on this post I was sitting at my desk and truth be told I wasn’t even going to post it. My mind feels very overwhelmed and the last thing on my mind was what motivation tip I could share with you today. Then that bloody light bulb went off.

Clarity! yes its amazing how motivated you feel with you are rested, the mind has a sense of clarity and you can sit quietly without being bombarded by your own thoughts. So today’s Motivation Monday is Be That Clarity. This is my struggle everyday, I always have a huge list of to-do`s and I am never not doing anything. Even when I appear not busy my mind is still jumbled up with stuff. This week my motivation is to be that clarity for those who`s perception of life lacks simplicity; clarity for those who are often misunderstood. More importantly I will be that clarity for my children when they can`t articulate themselves in the ways they want to.

As I have said my goal with this series is to give back through words of inspiration for others. As humans be we need words of reassurance, and words of encouragement everyday. We may not look like we do, or we may not know how to receive it. However it is still a form of contact filled with love.

Happy Monday Friends!

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