#Momsneak Where And Why I Sneak In My Favourite Netflix Shows #StreamTeam

#Momsneak Where And Why I Sneak In My Favourite Netflix Shows #StreamTeam

Let’s be honest as a parent we don’t have enough time in the day to get things done. I mean as the saying goes ” we all have 24 hrs in a day what we choose to do with it is the question” Okay I get it we all have 24 hrs in a day but some of us have to-do lists that well surpass the 24 hrs we have to complete it in, especially if we work full time or the kids have extra curricular activities. I don’t have a lot of time to relax, I work, clean, parent, wife, get up early and go to bed late and the cycle goes on and on each day. Well, today its all about #Momsneak Where And Why I Sneak In My Favourite Netflix Shows #StreamTeam.

#Momsneak Where And Why I Sneak In My Favourite Netflix Shows #StreamTeam

Sneaking is the New Bingeing: Moms Get More Creative Than Ever By Squeezing in Time to Stream Netflix

Before motherhood I had all the time in the world to watch TV, there was no such thing as a PVR to catch up on my favourite shows. I had free reign to watch what I wanted for as long as I wanted. Now not so much even if I PVR a show I am lucky to even be able to watch it EVER! Sadly it has brought me to extreme measures. I #momsneak yes that is what I have to do. When the kids are not looking I sneak myself away into the bathroom that I should be cleaning and I catch up on my favourite shows on Netflix like Blacklist, Queen of the South and Suits. Or sometimes I sneak into the car (which by the way I don’t drive) and the kids have never found me. 

71% of US Moms Admit to Trying to Sneak In TV “Me-Time” While Multitasking or Actually Hiding From Their Kids, And It’s A Good Thing

How moms hide and sneak.
Doing household chores like a load of laundry (57%) and cooking a meal (48%) are the most common ways moms get in TV “me-time” while multitasking. Other popular types of sneaking include:

  • “Bathroom sneak” (40%) – extending time on the proverbial throne to sneak in some QT with a new series like The Crown.
  • “Beauty sneak” (27%) – taking a little extra time applying makeup to catch the first episode of a returning favourite like Scandal.
  • “Hiding sneak” (21%) – ducking into the dark recesses of the house (pantry, closet, basement or laundry room) to indulge in a nail biter like Stranger Things.
  • “Health sneak” (15%) – spending an extra 30 minutes at the gym to burn off the last episode of a slamming series like Marvel’s Jessica Jones.
  • “Carpool sneak” (15%) – pressing play on a nostalgic throwback like Gilmore Girls while parked for school pickup.#Momsneak Where And Why I Sneak In My Favourite Netflix Shows #StreamTeam

The sneaks don’t stop there. Nowhere is off limits for moms to find time to stream from taking breaks while working from home (22%), sitting in a parking lot (19%), running “errands” (19%), sitting in the driveway (17%), and fibbing about other obligations (12%).

Want to see how hilarious mom vlogger duo Cat & Nat sneak their TV me-time?

So you see us moms gotta do what we gotta do in order to make time for us right! So let us unite and not be ashamed to #momsneak

#Momsneak Where And Why I Sneak In My Favourite Netflix Shows #StreamTeam


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  • Reply parentingpatch

    I watch my TV shows in the evening after I put my kiddos to bed. I enjoy having a few hours at night to just sit on the couch and chill.

    28/07/2017 at 11:08 am
  • Reply Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    I definitely sneak in watching time while I’m putting on makeup/doing hair in the mornings! And during nap-time, too!

    28/07/2017 at 3:36 pm
  • Reply Ellie Augustin

    Ha, I was actually on Netflix a bit ago once I put the kids to bed. Mama needs some down time.

    30/07/2017 at 10:19 pm
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