Minted Burst of Joy Holiday Cards

Minted Burst of Joy Holiday Cards

Minted Burst of Joy Holiday Cards

I cannot believe how fast Christmas is approaching. I fee like there is so much to do with so little time. Oh wait ! there is so little time, 25 days to be exact; and I have quite a bit left to do. Things like shopping, prepping for the Christmas menu and cookie exchange lists. The list goes on and on, I am pretty sure that I am forgetting a few on my to do list as well.

One thing I did manage to get a head start on and complete are the family Christmas cards. This year I did something a little different, normally we have Christmas photo cards done at Walmart or Superstore. They are super convenient, but with that being said they are also very generic in terms of design. I recently had the opportunity to pick and customize holiday cards with Minted. An online website that connects you with artists that design unique art, stationary and home decor pieces.Minted Burst of Joy Holiday Cards | Ma Belle Vie

I was able to chose a customizable template with personalized envelopes for my recipients. For the cards I went with my decor theme of Joy, after alot of humming and hawing I decided on a floral flat card with Joyful written in calligraphy. I was able to change the colours of the floral print into something that more suited my taste however I kept the font the same. There were soo many options to chose from I almost couldn’t decide. Such as the thickness of the card, the size, round edges or straight ones. It was amazing to see what you could do. Along with that you can also customize the envelopes, right down to the tissue inserts that are offered as an option.

My envelopes I went with a simple cream colour with the recipients name and address in a gold foil calligraphy font to match the cards font. My overall navigation on the design of the card was very easy to to do and read through. The shipping process was also very quick, i received my package very well packed with a few coupons for future orders and everything came within 5 days. I am already planning what my next purchase will be.

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