mark. Cosmetics NEW! Saved by the Gel Waterproof Eye Liner

mark. Cosmetics NEW! Saved by the Gel Waterproof Eye Liner

Sick of Smudging?
Tired of tugging?
Fed up of with the Running?
Mark. Cosmetics has just launched there Saved by the Gel waterproof eyeliner. Our days of hard to apply, streaky, flaking eyeliner is over. The Saved by the gel waterproof eyeliner glides across your lids like perfection with no pulling or tugging, high pigmentation in just one swipe and it stays put. Available in 3 shades  Gold star, Blackboard and Brownie Points with 4g of product and a double ended detailed precision brush. Stays Put? I wished it stayed in place, during my review process I had alot of hope that this would be my gel liner of choice. Saved by the Gel waterproof eyeliner didn’t look like it would budge, but I was sadly mistaken. While it is a very true pigmented black, upon application I found that it faded a little bit after an hour of wear on my lid alone. I also discovered that the black marks on the back of my hand as well as down my face was coming from my accidental  rub of my eye. It only became worse as the wear time went on. It transferred quite a bit as well. Now I would hope to assume that because I wore it alone with no shadow it cut my wear time in half. So perhaps I will give this another go with full eye makeup. Other than that I would give this a pass as a liner to wear alone. Especially because the price of $12.00. I think I will use this more as a base than anything else. (insert sad face)
God star and Blackboard

mark. Cosmetics NEW! Saved by the Gel Waterproof Eye Liner

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    I totally agree, I've seen an improvement in the past three years or so. I've always loved their color selection. I recently just tried on the Q-GEL line which just launched this year. The application is smooth and even and it lasted two weeks without chips. I def recommend them.

    06/02/2015 at 4:15 pm
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